Wednesday, December 29, 2010


a do.
somehow i ended up with all this hair and no clue what to do with it. i like long hair. i like my long hair. i just don't have much when it comes to hairstyling skills. i can kinda straighten it or kinda scrunch it, but beyond that i can't do much. except maybe a bun.
(that you're all probably sick of seeing.)
one of the cutest girls i know always wears her hair in a braid.
so, i thought i'd try to be cute like her today...
 i began with about a fraction of the cuteness that she has, but i like the braid!
 it was finally warm enough to bust out some flats! halle-mc-lujah!
anyway, my sister got all the good hair-doing skills.
tonight i asked her if she'd come do my hair every day. she laughed.
which, i think, was a no.

cardigan: j.crew
top: anthro
pants: heritage
flats: steve madden
necklace: gift
braid: diy!


  1. I think I have to have a chandelier like the one over the kitchen table in you picture and a table/counter like the white one you're leaning on. *gasp*
    and I love your hair.

  2. Super cute! I was totally trying to sport the side braid the other day but ended up looking like a reject Pocahontas. I think I need lessons. Yours looks WAY cute!!

  3. What a cute outfit. and I LOVE your hair like that. Umm and your house, it's so darling i'm in love!!

  4. Okay I have to ask...I clicked on the link where it said cutest girl you know and it took me to an older post by you and Is saw a Thumb print thingy in a wedding that is just simply such a neat idea to have people sign by their fingerprints! Any idea where that came from? the print I mean?

  5. hey! thanks you guys! i will continue to work on my braiding skills.

    boulter: i got this chandelier as a christmas gift from my sister (it was $50 at target!) SIX years ago! i carried it around from place to place til mr.a & i finally bought our own house.

    cmae: that bride is the cutest girl. and that wedding was the cutest wedding. and i think they got that print on etsy. i can ask her about it. send me your e-mail address!

  6. I love this look, so comfy chic! And the braid...adorable!

  7. For the record I consistently envy your hair and the fact that when you think it looks like crap, I like it.

    I cut inches off of my hair just before Christmas and it's barely ponytail length and I regret it sooo much, I yearn for the length to make a braid (or a pony) again :(

    Keep rocking your mane.

  8. I emailed you...hopefully it didn't go to your spam box!

  9. super cute everything! i love the length and layers of your hair, so i pulled up your blog on my phone to show my stylist! her first comment was, "what's she been in?" -- ha -- i should have made up a blockbuster movie. i'm far from rockin' the cut, but i'm thinking the style should be deemed "the bethany!"

  10. love it :) a new hairstyle can totally make your week! even stretch your wardrobe a tiny bit farther.

  11. I like your style ... and I think you should show more of your decor style as well. Everytime I see things in the background of your pics, I'm like "oh yeah, thats cute!" :)

  12. That braid is adorable! My younger sister got all of the hair-styling talent in my family, but she has not yet taken me up on the offer to do my hair every morning.

  13. I will TOTALLY do your hair every morning. Can you make it over here at 8 every day? Ha. That's what I thought :)

  14. Bethany, YOU are one of the cutest girls I know. And you can totally rock the braid. Did you end up getting that big fat curling iron for Christmas? I can show you some curling tricks that make it a lot easier. :)

  15. I wish my hair was long enough! I cut off 10 INCHES last summer... I used to do that all the time :) Love it!!!


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