Friday, December 10, 2010


mary, mary quite contrary.
while i was getting ready to go see mary poppins, i tried on about 10 different shirts before settling on....a maternity shirt! gah. i'm not sure if i should be happy that i discovered another option in my closet, or sad that a maternity shirt actually fits okay. whatevs.
anyway, to combat the preppiness of the cardigan/button-down combo, i thought i'd throw in some leopard print as a wild-card. i liked how all these prints worked together without looking too... contrary.

cardigan: j.crew, $20
button-down: gap maternity, $22
pants: gap: $35
belt: j.crew $14
flats: steve madden, $24
bangle: j.crew, $9


  1. This outfit is fab... LOVE the shoes! And, hello! I'm a huge MP fan, what a fun night out!

  2. I love it!! The cardigan is great :)

  3. freaking awesome love it we are going shopping soon :) I love your taste we have alot of the same clothes already I like it alot :)

  4. Ha, my maternity shirts are still in regular rotation in my wardrobe. XD

  5. I love that cardigan!!! So bright and cute! You look great, who cares if it's maternity? :-)


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