Tuesday, December 07, 2010


hi, muffin-top. it's me, b. glad you decided to grace us with your presence today. no, i don't resent you. i don't! i just wish you'd call before you drop by.
i mean, what if i'd been in the middle of something? like... outfit pictures.
i would just appreciate a little advance notice, okay?
no, i'm not mad! i just need to set some boundaries.
if i need to go buy bigger pants, i will. and then you won't be around here at all.
so just, stop showing up unannounced. that's all.
k'thanks. bye.

coat: gap
cardigan: j.crew
button-down: target (converse)
tank: forever21
jeans: gap
boots: steve & barry's


  1. HAHA STOP IT you're sooo perfect and Beautiful and Loved the outfit today! Can't wait for another play date better be soon :)

    Nicole :)

  2. If THAT'S a muffie, it's the cutest muffie I've ever seen!

  3. I have a muffin top that would put yours to shame :( Cute outfit though! Do I spy dog tags?! :)

  4. Hahahaha! Mine is wayyyyy worse! Adam thinks mine is cute. I'm like WHAT!

  5. Hi, fellow remixer, Im one of the few guys in the challenge.. Im slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers' blogs. I've come across a lot, but you most definitely have style. Best of luck with the remaining challenge… xo


  6. what muffin top! haha.
    Hope everything is going well!!


  7. This outfit is really cute and I like these pictures a lot. You look awesome and your setting is great!

    It's pretty funny how sometimes girls have imaginary muffin tops... ;)


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