Monday, December 06, 2010


fashion freeze.

it seems, as i get older, i'm less and less-willing to suffer for fashion in the winter. every year when the temperatures start to drop, i'm like, "what the hail did i wear last year? it's fuh-reeeezing!" it's 20 degrees out and i can hardly bear to wear shoes that i can't wear socks with (ie: ballet flats, heels, or... basically anything cute.) i need to track down a pair of shoes that are cute, little-to-no heel, and warm. do those exist? i mean, besides boots? i love boots, but sometimes you just don't want to wear boots. right? all that tucking?anyway... on sunday, i sucked it up and wore flats...without socks. but the whole time i was wishing my feet were warm. and now i have some resentment built up toward these otherwise perfectly decent flats.
well, here's my fashionable sacrifice of the week.
it's uggs, chucks, and clogs from now on.
what do you do when it's below freezing?
do you allow the temperature to control your outfits?

cardigan: j.crew
blouse: anthropologie
tank: j.crew
jeans: gap
flats: miz mooz
bracelet: gift


  1. When I used to work I would wear my uggs everywhere with 'real' shoes in my purse... now I just wear uggs all the time (well, most of the time!)

  2. i don't know if it is a fashion no-no, but i usually wear knit dress socks with ballet flats if i am not wearing boots for winter. i can't stand having cold feet!!

  3. Temps definitely control my outfits! I wear my birkenstocks the whole winter it seems... Oops!

  4. Ugh I HEAR u!!!! :( I dread getting ready now bc I want to be warm but really don't have many options for warmth, I got some rocketdog clogs I live in now but it does zero protection for wet heals it is. I do think I'm going to get some boots and wear the junk out of them this winter...too bad we don't live in the big fat dr marten era


    These T-Bow Cognac shoes by eva and zoe are my new favorite thing! (fourth row down) I feel oh so french when i'm rockin' them with a black and white striped shirt.


    These T-Bow Cognac oxfords by Eva and Zoe are my new favorite thing! (fourth row down) I feel oh so French when i'm rockin' them with a black and white striped shirt.

  7. I am one of those people who lives in boots all winter long-- and I'm from Florida! You're right, though, you can't wear boots with everything (or at least I can't on the job). My solution for today? Two (yes, two) pairs of tights/pantyhose and a pair of heels.

    I love cold weather, but I miss my TOMS.

  8. Bringing your cute shoes along is a good idea but those cognac flats look like a great option. I can't believe they are back in style! and yes, Bethany, that is a sign of growing older :o)

  9. maybe those cognac flats would be a good christmas present, momma! ;)

  10. why,oh why,did you tell dad you wanted that suitcase????

  11. haha...hmm...maybe i should offer to just pay for that darn thing.


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