Friday, December 03, 2010


back in black.
a friend of mine mentioned today that she never sees me wear black.* i guess she's right. i generally reserve my black clothing for winters and funerals. basically eight months out of the year. (that's a lot of winter, not funerals.)
so, now that it's winter, you'll be seeing a lot of black. and a lot of black rubber boots.
speaking of these boots...
i went from professing my undying devotion for them over lunch,
when i rescued you from steve & barry's that day, i made a promise and i don't care if you have a hole and let water in to soak my sock, completely defeating the purpose of wearing you. i'll wear you with pride!
to finding their perfect replacement at tj maxx just hours later.
apparently i am no golden retriever.**

top: j.crew, $15
tank: j.crew, $8
pants: gap, $30
socks: target (?)
scarf: anthropologie, i'llnevertell.
watch: la mer, gift from the mr.
boots: steve & barry's, $8 R.I.P.

*i was also wearing a black coat when she said this. head-to-toe black. but hey, i'm in mourning. and it's winter. so lay off, traci. wink!

**this will either totally make sense to you or make you think i'm a lunatic. which was it for you?


  1. great leggings! I like it!
    ps. love that scarf.

  2. You are definately an OTTER ;)

  3. Aw, I was just going to say that I love these boots! And then I read that they died. Sorry to hear, RIP little boots.

  4. Makes sense. Except that I could be totally wrong.

  5. While looking for boots at Younker's the other day, I found some black Clarkes rainboots and got them. Also found some Coach leopard print ones on sale for $54!!!! You need to go get them. They are so you. I was going to get them, but they are not so me, just the me I wish I was. I'm just too practical I suppose :(


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