Wednesday, December 01, 2010


baby, it's cold outside.
and inside.
i keep my thermostat set at about 63 degrees during the day and 60 at night.  my little sis (who lives in our basement) is always complaining about how freezing it is. so... i tell her to put on some socks and eat a double cheeseburger. plus, that's about 37 degrees warmer than it is outside so she should be thankful. wink! another benefit to my frugality is that we get a lot more use out of our winter coats, since it's best to just leave them on while we're in the house.

jacket: gap
scarf: target
sweater: j.crew
thermal tee: gap
jeans: charlotte russe
boots: bitten, steve & barry's
hat: ???


  1. 63!?!?! Sweet Jesus girl... that's cold! I sneak ours up to 70 during the day sometimes and in the evenings I usually have the gas fireplace roaring. And even then... I am STILL cold! Ha!

    At least you look cute - and warm!

  2. My husband likes to sleep in a ice box too! I about died from all the layers I was wearing when I first moved in. I love this outfit.. the boots especially since it has been raining a lot lately in MS!

  3. I would totally keep my house at 60 if I had that jacket to wear around, it's so cute.

  4. This outfit is completely adorable! And I'm totally with you on leaving the winter coat on indoors - except I do it at 67 or 68 degrees....

  5. LOVE the stripey Gap coat. Love.

  6. Love! It! All! I seriously always secretly hope you'll post an outfit post when I'm having a hard time putting an outfit together because you are so darn cute. That coat is killer and I would pretty much borrow this whole outfit if we were, like, real life friends ;)

    Meaning to ask you... I have this jcrew grey/white striped long sleeve shirt similar to one you have and was wondering if you have a suggestion as to a good look to make it not so dull!?

  7. these pics are super cute. the middle pic makes youre hair look totally hollywood.
    and it took me waaaay too long to figure out where you were when you took these :)


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