Wednesday, December 01, 2010


black friday edition.
this is what you wear on black friday. errr, this is what i wore on black friday:

leather jacket: dillards
flannel: heritage
henley: alternative apparel (mens)
sweats: target
shoes: toms
scarf (below): target

i had never actually gone shopping on black friday before.* most years i've worked on black friday and being forced to work from 4-9 a.m. a couple years in a row made me never want to shop on the day after thanksgiving. but, as i mentioned in the post below, everything is different this year. so! i went shopping.

we had spent all day going through the ads and making a "game plan," but in the middle of the night, all plans and lists were lost, forgotten or abandoned.

around 10:45 pm, we realized that, at midnight, walmart was havin' some killer deals on dvd's and other random stuff we didn't need. so we dressed in our black friday duds (sweats only), braved the sub-zero temps (okay, not really), and navigated our way through the mob. it was awesome. we immediately got split up and communicated only by cell phone. walmart at midnight on black friday was everything you'd expect it to be. people pushing and shoving their way through the crowd. no manners. no patience. it was great.
anxiety-inducing, but great.

after walmart, we went home around 1:30 and slept for a couple hours. i woke up at 3:35 and slowly rallied the troops for round 2 at target. we all felt slightly ill, a little punch-drunk, but ready to roll. when we got to target, its parking lot was packed and the line was curling out the door, around the parking lot. crazy. the littlest member of our group (abbie, age 11) weasled her way inside without us and we were told by a target employee that we had to wait until the entire line entered before we went in. i "politely" explained that we had a little girl inside that didn't know we weren't right behind her. she "politely" conveyed that she didn't believe me, so we basically had to throw some elbows and squeeze our way in. but not without some snide comments from people behind us. whatevs. we were just protecting our young. target had some sweet deals. i got a set of 8 princess barbie dolls for piper for $40. that's $5 a barbie. i'm pretty sure i paid $8 for a cinderella barbie at a garage sale last year! so i was pretty psyched about that. i also got a ginormous red fuzzy blanket for snuggle time this winter--$15. what else...oh, a couple cute bath-time-play christmas gifts for $5. and...drumroll please...i got one of four dyson vaccuums that were marked down to $250 from $500. a steal, right? i still haven't taken it out of the box because, that's a lot of money to spend on a cleaning product (think of the shoes!!!) but, i think it was probably a good investment. there were lots of things we wanted to buy, but didn't. one for me was a hooded, olive green, canvas jacket that fit me perfectly. but, it was $30 and i hope to find it again at a cheaper price. i got piper the first season of punky brewster for $2! or...maybe i got that for me. 
anyway, after tar-gay we made a starbucks run where we got chewed out by the drive-thru lady for not being ready to order. ("ummm, we've been up shopping for hours, our minds are not functioning and there's no one behind us! give us a break, lady!")
but we finally got our coffee and headed home for another brief break from black friday. we scavenged the kitchen for leftovers. not sure if we were hungry or nauseous. leslie ate leftover turkey dipped in mustard and sweet potatoes. blech! (not in general, just at 6 am.) i had an americano from starbucks and a piece of pumpkin pie. YUM! and then we ordered katelyn to make us scrambled eggs. which she did.
we hung out for about an hour;
whispering, giggling, and talking nonsense, trying not to wake anyone else up.
the gap was having a 1/2 off sale from 7-10 (or something like that) so we woke up our designated driver (not drunk; just punchy and sleepy, and incapable of safely getting ourselves to the gap) and harassed her for taking too long to get "ready."
the gap was chaotic and we were all hittin' the wall. somehow i made it out of there with a great pair of black pants, a simple tunic blouse, and an adorable dress for the little p-pod. oh! and these keds! so cute.
after the gap, we went over to ulta. i had never been to an ulta before! ooooh baby! that place is truh-bull. i held back, but definitely found a few things for my christmas wish list.
when we finally got home we were basically worthless for the rest of the day. luckily there were some sane (aka: non-shopping) people around to keep an eye on my girls so that i could nap for the afternoon. but i woke up feeling like a zombie. i think all the deals on black friday are worth the sleep deprivation and subsequent feelings of impending death,'s a close-call. either way, it was a lot of fun.

*okay, that's kind of a lie. two years ago, while i was working at j.crew i went down to dillards on my break and bought this!


  1. Perfect! What a great day and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE your Dyson!! And at the same time be completely grossed out by what it pulls out of your carpet that no other vacuum can!!

    Cin, Mara, Sophie, and I pulled an all nighter at Jordan Creek and then to Target. We didn't dare go to WalMart...that place is NUTS! Kudos to you for braving it!!

  2. Sounds like my kind of day! Love it!

  3. Don't take it out of the package!! I got a vacuum for $75 and I LOVE IT! (vacuums are kinda overrated!) OH! And it's on sale right now at walmart for like $45. Well, that's what it was this weekend. It is a bissel and bright blue...sorry...just thinking of the shoes!! : )

  4. Seriously, don't buy the $45 Walmart vacuum. Dysons rock and are SO worth the money!! I bet if you took your Dyson over to Julie's house she would be shocked at what it picked up!! *No offense, Julie. :-)

  5. Manda need to have a rep from Rainbow Cleaning Systems come to your house. For a one hour demo, you get a 2 night's stay at a hotel. (Obviously that's worth it right there). It will blow your mind (and blow your Dyson out of the water). During the demo, he had us run our Dyson 75 times over one spot on our carpet (literally...Jon counted). Then he ran the rainbow over that spot and it picked up TONS of dirt. Its crazy. I want one but they're mucho dinero.

  6. You are a force to be reckoned with... I would have to sleep for a week after all that action! Sounds super fun though and I SUPER like those keds. Super.

    ps, when are we meeting in Chicago?

  7. Oh my word, Haverlee! I would be all over it!!! I am a vacuum whore!!

    *Seriously, I have no idea what a vacuum whore is...but I said it in my head and then typed it out for all the world to see.

  8. There's nothing wrong with wearing this! You look cute. :)


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