Wednesday, December 15, 2010


some randoms...

the past week or so has been spent cleaning and organizing our house top to bottom. plus completing a lot of miscellaneous projects (hanging stuff, painting stuff, etc.) it's not finished yet, but sooo many people have helped it get to the place it is now. i'm gonna list their names because they're awesome and you should be so lucky to know these people. and hopefully this'll remind me to write a thank-you note to each of them:
jon & haverlee colyer
sara anderson
liz & larry westphal
the short family
(that's just their name, they're actually well-heighted.)
rollie and debbie clarkson
kate teters (twice!)
norb and karen metzler
kara o'byrne
traci thomas
kathleen ottley

i quit taking lexapro cold turkey a few weeks ago. you're not really supposed to do that. but i was having a lot of negative side effects and, at the time, i didn't really have the money to refill my scrip, so i stopped. i'd been on it a year and it had helped a lot, but i think i made the right choice. i'm now on a natural plan to "just say no to drugs." i'd like to write a post to tell you more about it soon.
quinn is in a phase now where she screams. a lot. it makes me want to jump out the window. (luckily we live in a ranch.) but, seriously, it's bad. it makes me clench my teeth and say cuss words in my head. the bad ones. she knows how to communicate. she says lots of words and does lots of signs, but screaming is her default mode. it sucks.
i'm scared of christmas this year.
thanksgiving was freaking hard. way harder than i expected. i mean, it's just a meal, right? or at most, a day? but it was hard. and now christmas. i can't even think about waking up in my bed on christmas morning without mr.a next to me. aaahhglsdkfjcowjyfaqwpeoirdmlkfjawepor. it's just not supposed to be that way. i know we're making a sacrifice. i know this is part of the job. but freakin-a. families are not meant to live like this. i'm not making any commentary on this war because, honestly, i know they are doing really great things over there. but war wreaks havoc on families. period. i hope it ends soon. i hope soldiers across our country can return to their families. i hope our country can learn to be at peace with other nations. (or vice versa?) world peace is truly at the top of my christmas list this year.
last night i got an e-mail from mr.a. it was brief, but i hadn't heard from him in a week, so it was great. he attached several pictures and it was so good to see his handsome mug.

tonight we put up our lil baby tree (it's 4 ft. tall. pre-lit, from walmart.) and nativity set. it finally feels festive in here. i like it.

so, that's it.
what've you nuggets been up to?


  1. I am so thankful you had so much help with your house!! Seth looks pretty badass in that first pic!! Aye chihuahua!!!

  2. darn it I wish I was closer. this sucks.

    I would for sure blog on your couch with you in our uggs. hopefully there would be hot coffee involved and definitely there would be screaming kids. because who's kids don't scream, especially the girls. sending you Christmas love and wishing/willing/hoping that this season of your life can just get itself over with already. (although you are never supposed to wish away days... but I think you can get an exception on that).

  3. I kicked my scrip for Prozac cold turkey and now take B vitamins and Magnesium everyday to help curb my anxiety. The side effects (nausea, headaches, chronic yawning) were too hard to tolerate. Hope your new natural plan goes well!


  4. You may think I'm creepy but we really need to be (blog) friends. I recently blogged about going off lexapro cold turkey too. I was down to 10mg and didn't want to pay a co-pay to visit the Dr. for a new RX so I went off... first month was rough. Now it's better. You can do it, try exercise, that'e been my best vice.

    email me if you like or my blog is

  5. Prayers going up for you today! I pray for you and your fam regularly, though I've never said so here. Thought you should know. :)

    I went off Lexapro this summer (for good finally) and it was ROUGH - but so worth it in the end. I don't know about you, but withdrawal nearly did me in!(managed to blog about it though...

    I hope you have a peaceful day! (with minimal screaming)

  6. Prayed for you today! For strength and patience and energy. I don't know how you do it. You prob. hate hearing that, don't you?

    Here's a {{hug}} from someone you don't even know! (Aren't blogs funny things?)


  7. Mr. A is such a badass. I love the shots of him with the .50 caliber. Merry Christmas b.a. It totally breaks my heart that you guys have to be apart during the holidays. Keep up the good fight! Someday this will all be just a happy memory. Hugs.

  8. You better sleep over with your fam on Christmas eve! I know 3 great houses to choose from!!! If you choose ours, you can even fit in our bed. (i'll take the middle.)

  9. On second thought, maybe you can't sleep in our bed. I just remembered you used to wake me up at 5am on Christmas when we lived under the same roof.


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