Thursday, December 30, 2010


reader request, vol. 5

after my last wear post, some of you requested some more views of our house. i have to admit, a picture of our house today would probably be different than a picture of our house in a month from now. i've found i really like switching things around. and, with two young kids, the needs of our family are constantly changing.
right now, piper's really into coloring and painting, so i moved two chairs out of our living room to make room for a little craft area for her. but, in a month, that phase may be over, so i'll move things again.

here is the latest incarnation of my art wall.
it has morphed over the past couple of years, things added, rearranged...
1. clock: target, a christmas gift from mr.a's oldest brother.
2. diy picture: i cut a picture out of a book that reminded me of mr.a. i had some muslin that i matted it with, $0
3. tree picture: marshalls, $15
4. diy: i cut a page out of a really old dictionary and stuck it in a frame i already had. it's an 'L' page. i circled the "love" entry with a red crayon. $0
5. original print: this was a house-warming gift from my super-talented friend, miss k. it has all our names, our address, and some other sweet words. (click on the link to see more of her work!)
6. botanical print: i bought this at my favorite boutique in the twin cities, patina. patina is a great source for affordable art & quirky accessories. $28.
7. biblical print: this is a page from a very early copy of the Bible. i'll have to ask my dad just how old it is. my parents had it in their house for years & passed it on to me when they moved. it fits perfectly with the rest of this wall and i like that, it's the center. literally and symbolically.
8. original painting: a friend of ours is a fantastic artist. at his first art exhibit i saw this painting and fell in love. i asked him if maybe i could do a "layaway" of sorts so that it could one day be mine. he said he had just sold it "to a family member." months later, on christmas morning, i found out he had sold it to my family member! my mom had bought it right under my nose! it was such a wonderful surprise and one of my most-cherished posessions. see more of ben's work here.

as you can see, it doesn't take a lot of money to make a unique art wall in your home. just some creativity and patience as you collect your pieces.

the rest of our living room has come together slowly. i got the vintage red chairs on ebay ($120 for both), the couch on craigslist ($300), the coffee table at target ($85), the moroccan pouf was free from work, the side table is from tj maxx ($50) and the yellow rug was from gilt groupe ($105). (i think...or maybe one kings lane.) the rug under piper's table was from target. (maybe $115?) and i recently added these sconces from home depot to bring a bit more light into the room ($30 each).  piper's little table was a flea-market find ($20). the top of the table was really beat up so i just painted it with a coat of chalkboard paint. everything in our house has been purchased little by little. just as we could afford it.
so...there's a little glimpse into the main part of our house. i'm certainly no decorating expert, but i feel like i'm slowly figuring out what my personal taste is, and how to translate that (affordably) into our home.

if you care to see even more,
here are some old posts featuring parts of our house:


  1. Reader Request.....Please post a blog about dressing cute in maternity clothes. I'm only 11 weeks along right now but am scared I'm going to look frumpy down the road. Please give me ideas! :)

    Love your house by the way. So cute!

  2. I love every nook of your home and especially am inspired by all of your collage walls. Makes me look forward to getting out of our apartment and into a space I can really make our own!

    PS your dining room chair fabric is amazing!

  3. LOVE your home told you that today thanks for this post I LOVE IT! Ok first of all jealous of your closet I wish I had a walk in... there isn't enough room for all my stuff. I just rearanged and moved Jono's (ugly) beautiful dresser to the basement. Anyhow I love your style and everything its CUTE CUTE CUTE! you're amazing I'm going to hire you to decorate my house!

  4. love your living room... it has a lot of personality and I love that you've created it over time. That's the way we roll around here too...

  5. I love your pieced-together home. It looks loved and lived in. I purchased those same wall sconces for our bedroom.


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