Friday, December 17, 2010


the girls are back in town.
we were in need of a new shower curtain. the one we had was given to us by my big sister. she had made it from ikea fabric and after using it for a few years, she passed it on to us because it matched the rest of our decor. anyway, after being used for about 7 years, that ol' girl was ready to retire to the big hunting ground. (??)

anyway, i ordered a new one from urban outfitters and, though the colors were a bit different than i thought, i was thrilled when it arrived. but...then the search began. our towels were old and sad and really scratchy so i was ready to splurge on some new ones. but it was really hard to pick what color! i brought home black which seemed a little too late 80's/early 90's, i tried green but could not not find the right shade, and i finally settled on...drumroll please..
hot pink!
what i thought was red in the picture online, was actually hot pink. it turned out to be a pleasant surprise! though, i never thought that would be a good option for towels; i found the perfect shade of hot pink and i love how they look with the shower curtain. 

it cracks me up that mr.a will be coming home to hot-pink bath towels.
and...teen vogue on the toilet.  


  1. CUTE! I saw that shower curtain recently and seriously considered it for our soon-to-be green bathroom but I think it looks so great in your white bathroom, especially with the towels!

  2. i bet it would look awesome in your soon-to-be green bathroom! seriously. if i could change our all-white bathroom--i would. i just don't have the skillz. yes, skill-Z.

  3. Yeah, that really spices up that white bathroom - I'll bet Piper loves the towels

  4. hahahaha! I LOVE IT! Girl up the bathroom while you can!

  5. SO great!! I am sure Seth is secure enough in his manhood to use hot pink towels!!!

  6. OH I just LOVE it! He'll be so happy to be home he won't care (at first...) :)

  7. Oh yay! I'm so glad you featured this shower curtain! I've wanted to order it for months, but couldn't find any shots that captured the pattern and the colors close up! Its perfect, and you are a life saver.

  8. I, too, thought it was red. It seriously looks red in all the UO pics. Very nice, though!

    I have fallen in love with this shower curtain, but I fear commitment.


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