Thursday, December 30, 2010


news radio.
yesterday i had the opportunity to be on a local news radio program. it was very nerve-wracking! i had never been in a radio station before. yowza! there's a lot that goes on in order for us to hear those voices over the airwaves.
two of my dear friends and i were interviewed about life as the wife of a deployed soldier. apparently we're experts. whether we like it or not...ha.

i can't remember a thing i said, but i remember crying. yes. i cried. but it's not my fault-- they kept calling us heroes! i swear, say the word "hero" in my presence and you're asking for some tears. but overall, i think it went well. i have newfound respect for radio deejays. i can. not. imagine having to carry on a little conversation with yourself for thousands of people to hear. i was really impressed with our host.


  1. Did you get a recording of the interview? I see that the station you were on does podcasting. Depending on what show you were on, (Was it morning, or one of the major shows on the station?) they might record the whole show (for use in future promos, etc.) so they might be able to chop up your segment and email it to you.

    Just a thought! Haha I work in radio, but I've only been pulled on the mic a couple times. Of course they asked about the hubs though!

  2. I would be crying too, but they're right, you are a hero :) Hope you have a way for us to listen in...maybe the station's website?

  3. That's so interesting! My mom was just on WHO radio the other morning with Van Harden. Which show were you on?


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