Monday, December 27, 2010


if this were facebook:

Bethany Arganbright would love to be blogging but blogger won't upload any of her pictures. Boo.

of course i have technical difficulties when i have so much to blog about!
christmas! presents! surprise packages! skyping! charades! lions & tigers & bears!
plus! 200 followers?
are you guys sure you're following the right blog?
whether you're here by accident or on purpose: thanks so much for reading.
it's humbling and, honestly, still a shock that anyone reads this little blogspot.
i love you, guys! i would still blog if you weren't reading, but i have to admit, it's pretty cool to know someone's out there.*

*especially mr.a! i think he waited til i had 100 followers before he ever read a single post. now he's jumpin on the dtwsld bandwagon. y'all can tease him about it. i suppose he's always been a little behind the times. wink! love you, baby!**

 **yes, i call mr.a 'baby' or 'babe'.
is that super-annoying? i used to know this couple who started or ended every sentence with 'baby!' it was so annoying. i know we don't say it that much, but it's still my term-of-endearment of choice. he's also known as 'sether', 'sexy beast' or 'stud muffin.'

okay, just kidding about those last two.


  1. You go girl! I have like 40 some followers and none of them ever comment or come by - like you said, I guess we write regardless but it sure is refreshing to get a comment now and then.

    I call my hubs "babe" all of the time and he calls me "baby." I used to think it was annoying that couples did that, until I met him. :)

  2. Woo! Woo! When I first read your post I thought it said "200 flowers" and I thought "oh my god in case these two weren't already the most adorable cutest couple this solidified it."

    Then I saw that it said "followers" (which really, they are way better than flower because they last longer). I blame the horrible head cold I've been suffering from for the misread.

    P.S. You and Seth are still the most adorable cutest couple even if he didn't send 200 flowers all the way from Afghan. (because, EVERYONE is doing that these days...)


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