Sunday, November 21, 2010


in which i fail the 30/30 challenge and beg for your forgiveness.

that's right. i've failed. or rather, given up on, the 3o for 30. here are my excuses...
-the clothes i picked were not warm enough for the weather we've had lately.
-i literally did not get out of my pajamas from last monday til thursday night. so sick. i mean me, not the pajamas. though they're not so hot either...
-i'm so far behind, kendi will be hosting her spring remix before i finish this one.
-there are "fall" clothes in my wardrobe that i won't even get to wear because it'll be freezing by the time this remix is over.
-i don't really need another challenge in my life right now. even if it's as silly as getting dressed each day.
-i'm a quitter. i just am. jr. high cheerleading, track, basketball, soccer, high school cheerleading, soccer a second time, golf team, hmmm...maybe i'm not a quitter--just not an athlete.
-i'm a dress-how-i-feel kinda girl. so if i feel like wearing my favorite cozy sweater or cowboy boots--i wanna be able to wear 'em!
-i have an aversion to rule-following. (don't worry, jill, we can still be friends!) 30 for 30 has lots of rules and i've broken every one of them. so what's the point?! 

are you mad at me? if not, i could probably give you a list of reasons why you should be... but let's not. will an outfit make it up to you? okay, hereyago:
i was looking at something really important on the ground next to me.
so...from now on you'll be seeing clothes from my 100/100.
i know it'll be a challenge, but i think i can do it. especially 'cause there are no rules.

jacket: gap
shirt: j.crew
scarf: anthropologie
pants: old navy
flats: steve madden


  1. I couldn't do it either so don't beat yourself up! Its especially hard when you're sick and if you had anything like what I had then it's YUCKY! I like looking at all of your different and fun outfits anyway!

  2. i have some great pics from your high school cheerleading days! haha!

  3. haha!
    I admire you for stepping out of the box! I don't think I could ever do 30 for 30, as interesting as it seems. I'm with you on being a dress-by-mood girl.
    love this outfit, btw!

  4. I think this post was hilarious! 30/30 is difficult! Especially that you're juggling two little ones while your hubby is away. Good effort!

  5. shake it off girl, if it's not fun it's TOTALLY not worth it! Now show us some more 100/100 - ha! Also, you look super cute that I have forgotten already - 30/30? what 30/30?

  6. Hah! I'm just glad I'm not the only one not quite up to the challenge. :) Love this outfit, by the way. I've got to a get a blazer like that, asap.

  7. My weather has also been uncooperative, and the thought has crossed my mind to drop out, too. Well, you still look great in spite of your "fail" :)

  8. Lol! thats hilarious! I didn't even try and I had 1 excuse, I wasn't emotionally ready.

    Maybe next time.

  9. I love your honestly! You are so funny, by the way! :)

  10. Not a failure. You weren't having fun. Why go on with it?
    Can't wait to see the 100/100.

    The Auspicious Life

  11. your scarf is fab. i love it AND you go for jumping ship on 30/30! one of a kind!


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