Tuesday, November 09, 2010


glamour shots.

i've always taken my own outfit pictures (just me, my lil canon powershot, & the 10-second timer), but there aren't that many places in my house that are clean enough to be photographed. so...today i asked piper to take my picture.
besides cutting my head off,
i think she did a pretty good job!

don't worry, here it is...

and here is my first of thirty outfits...

cardigan: j.crew, $14
button-down: forever 21, $12
cargos: sanctuary, $55
flats: tory burch, $55
bracelet: j.crew, $8


  1. ha ha, I love your honesty about the house. That's so the truth when there is kids! That's why all of mine are taken in the driveway, well that and the good light. :)
    These pics turned out very pretty, love your combo!

  2. Love that cardigan -- what a fun print!

  3. I love your cardigan! How cute!! Just discovered your blog and I love it! You have great style!

  4. love, love, love! a. dor. a. ble.

    Yay for 30/30!

  5. Oh hey! I recognize that cardigan! Its currently on loan to my bff, and so, not in my 30. I really like how you've styled it.


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