Thursday, November 11, 2010


yep, that's me; cheater-cheater, pumpkin-eater. but i don't care.
i love pumpkin.
pumpkin pie, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin coffee cake, pumpkin angel food cake--i. love. pumpkin.
and i. love. cheating. but only on the 30/30 challenge...that's it.
okay, i like cheating on diets, too.
today it was a bit more brisk than i anticipated, so i had to wear a jacket. a jacket that's not part of my 30. but!! i feel it is justified because i didn't technically wear the jacket all day. only when i was outside. so it wasn't a main component of my outfit.
am i right? or am i just a liar-liar justifier?
 jacket: topshop
stripes: j.crew
belt: j.crew
jeans: joe's, thrifted
flats: steve madden
scarf: target


  1. cute outfit!!
    i don't count my outerwear just cause it's so dang cold out here.
    so i don't think you're cheating ;)

  2. SUPER-DEE-DUPER cute! Outerwear doesn't technically count! Yay! This is a great outfit, I just love how it's so simple but so chic! I NEED a leopard print scarf. NEED.

  3. haha..I love your poems!
    Kendi did mention that coats don't count...when I read that tho I thought it meant Jackets too (yep apparently there's a difference...I guess I knew that) if it's something you take off when you're inside, then you're good!

  4. You look great... and natural. Love the Strips and Leopard print. So cute! Kdrs is having such a hard time with taking pictures and trying to look serious. I am so not a model... and for 30 days everyone is going to know it. LOL!


  5. I like this outfit, simple but cute! I am trying to add more patterned tops to my wardrobe and I actually bought a very similar top at target today. Can't wait to see what else you pair your striped shirt with.

  6. I loooove this outfit! You look like you stepped out of a jcrew add!

  7. I'll have to remember that about the pumpkin next wednesday! xoxoxo

  8. Super cute flats and I really like the scarf. It gives the outfit a pop of wild.

  9. This outfit is adorable! And I agree with other commenters - just call it a "coat" and then it totally isn't a cheat since outerwear doesn't count.

  10. I love the stripes with the leopard print... Definitely will be trying that in the future!

  11. Love the flats, love the outfit. You look cozy and cute!

  12. I'm with Jill GG i NEED a leopard printed scarf! Great outfit!!!

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