Monday, November 22, 2010


thankful thursday monday.
remember thankful thursdays? yeahmetoo. it's not that i haven't been thankful on thursdays, it's just...okay, i haven't been thankful on thursdays.
but i'm thankful now. only, it's monday.

the past month has been...challenging. after an amazing four days with mr.a in october, i fell into a bit of a slump. just a few days after i returned, i had an outpatient surgery to remove some areas of precancer on my cervix. though my doctor told me not to worry, it was kind of scary and difficult to face without mr.a here. after that, the reality of this deployment really began to settle in. and so began my pity party. okay, not really. but i just felt sad. and lonely. and sad. and lonely. get the point.

but, here are some blessings that have reminded me that it's okay to be sad, but i'm certainly not alone...

-i've been really sick for well over a week, but on monday my sweet momma brought me home-made soup and on tuesday another sweet friend brought over some comfort food (roasted chicken! mashed potatos! gravy!) it fed us all week long and it was so nice to not have to cook, when all i wanted to do was lay in bed and read blogs while i hacked up my lungs.

-a couple weeks ago, the youth group from our church came and raked our leaves!!! it was so cool to see all these teenagers in my yard, doing something nice for someone they hardly know. and we have a huge yard.

-one day this week i was completely worthless. i'd been up all night coughing and was so exhausted. the tv was on all day "babysitting" the girls. i was miserable and did everything i could just to keep my eyes open so they didn't burn the house down. my sister called to see if i wanted her to take piper to the playplace for an hour or so. since i knew she was coming, i decided to lay down in bed, just for a few minutes but was immediately out cold. meanwhile, she showed up and decided to take both girls! (did i mention that she has two boys the same ages as my girls? that's FOUR toddlers.) it was so nice to get a solid nap in and, honestly, i didn't even know they were both gone til i woke up a couple hours later!
(don't call dhs.)

-these guys. they do so much for military families. they have an incredible staff and group of volunteers who sacrifice their time to serve military families. they care about our kids, our husbands, and our marriages. i know they would do anything in their power for our family and other military families in need. it's amazing.

-since this deployment began, i've had to map out every paycheck down to the dollar. this week my brother-in-law helped me list mr.a's car on craigslist. it sold in two. days. amazing. it's enabling me to pay off some bills and have a little room to breathe. it'll also enable us to send mr.a some really fun stuff for christmas!!! yippeeee!

-i have my first sponsored series coming up on! i'm not gonna tell you all about it yet (cause it's a long story) but i'm reeeaaallly excited about it.

-i have a secret friend out there that sends me anonymous cards that are so encouraging. i think i've received three so far. they always bring a smile to my face and seem to say exactly what i need to hear at the moment. if you're reading this, secret friend--thank-you so much!!!

-on thursday, my in-laws invited us out for the night. it was the first time i'd left the house in days. so i packed our bags and kept my fingers crossed that they would never send us home! ha ha. they live in a beautiful and relaxing setting and their home is always very quiet and peaceful. they actually run a B&B out of their home, so you can book a room and see for yourself how relaxing it really is! anyway, we spent the whole weekend there and it was a great break from my messy house. (not to mention a break from full-time single-parenting.)

-tonight, a family friend called and said their small group just wanted to help me with something. they'd heard my kitchen needs painting and wondered if they could do it for me! and it does need painting. mr.a taped & edged before he left, but that's as far as it has gotten. were it not for these guys, it would probably look exactly the same when mr.a comes home. can't wait to have a nice, bright kitchen!

i know there are other things that i'm missing, but let's just say it's been a really encouraging week. it's nice to feel like there are some things going right.


here are some other thursdays i was thankful...


  1. I also had precancer of the cervix. It was quite scary at the time but I haven't had a problem since it was removed.

  2. Wow! What a blessing to have so many wonderful people surrounding you and caring for you in a tangible way!

  3. I just found your blog and you sound like an amazing wife/mom/everything. Makes me look at my 2 hour struggle to get my 3 year-old "angel" to take a nap, a joke in the scheme of things. Thank you to your hubby and to you for supporting him...and thanks for your amazing fashion. Lurve it. ;)

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