Tuesday, November 02, 2010


communication breakdown.
on sunday my phone rang and i just knew it would be him. i just had a feeling. and it was! it was maybe 3 p.m. here and 2 a.m. in kyrsbekelakadyzekstan. i'm not sure if it was sunday for him or monday. but it was so good to hear his voice.
yesterday he was in a different 'stan and the time difference had changed again. i had an e-mail from him. he'd sent it at 2:45 am, our time. i think that means it was...around 5:15 pm for him. we're now 9.5 hours apart. that extra half-hour is a real pain when i'm trying to figure out what time it is for him.
this morning i was grocery shopping, and when i got back to the car i realized i had missed two phone calls from him. two! either my kids were being really noisy or i was really intent on picking out cereal. i'm guessing he had to wait in a long line to use a sattelite phone or something so i can't just call him back. bummer.

now i'm waiting impatiently til 4:30 pm (my time) because he was hoping to get some computer time so we can IM. i think it will be 5:00 am for him. maybe. i'm not totally sure. either way, i'll be happy to see his lil facebook face pop up on my screen!!!


  1. I love that picture... hopefully he doesn't try to "contact" you with one of those.

    That is so cool that you can IM/email/call. I listen to stories of my husband's grandparents who got married and then he was immediately sent to fight in Europe (WWII) and they had to send letters, which is sweet... but ya' know.. kinda slow.

  2. Good luck talking to Seth. Tell him hello from us..think of you both often. Getting a box ready to send next week - let me know if there is something he needs/or really wants. Also I haven't forgot your pottery - and it will be sent soon!


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