Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i got a letter today. 

... tomorrow is my first patrol. i'm not really nervous, maybe i should be, just seems unnecessary cause it won't help anything. the last few days we've spent cleaning up & organizing the other half of our base which will be where we'll eventually live. right now we're crammed into one side and they're building permanent quarters on the other side in the next couple weeks. it's tight quarters now as we're all in tents (20 of us in a 20x30 ft. space). we should be in 3-4 man rooms when our barracks are done. we don't have showers or laundry or anything now, so we only have to shave every 3 days, which is nice.

it's so dusty here. the ground looks like it has 6 inches of cocoa powder on it. if there's a breeze, it whips the dust up from guys walking, so thick in the air. the worst is when a helicopter comes in. if you're anywhere near, the dust and rocks are thick in the air. rocks pelting you, dust filling every orifice.

one nice thing we have is a fire pit that we made near our tent with benches around it. we congregate there in the evenings for coffee and to just hang-out. usually in the mornings, too. it's a nice place to relax a little and just feels like we're out camping. definintely glad to be out here instead of on a big base where everything is more uptight. supposedly they have a bunch of MWR stuff for us, like a pool table, ping pong table and a bunch of gym equipment. we just won't get it until the buildings are finished so we have a place to put it. they're still working on internet for us. that will be so nice when we have that so i can e-mail & skype with you.

you and the girls are constantly in my thoughts, always making me smile. i miss you a lot but am doing well. i hope time is going as fast for you as it is for me. i can't wait to see what you sent me. it seems like forever since we talked, though it's only been a few days. not too much else to say...

it's been nice to know we're in our home for a while, instead of in transit all the time. i can't wait to be able to send you some pictures so you can see what it is like here. i suppose i'll have a lot of blog posts to catch up on, too. can't wait to hear from you. i miss you all and love you like crazy. give the girls big hugs & kisses for me.


  1. Thanks for sharing the letter with us. I know email and skyping are wonderful, but a letter in the mail is just the best.

  2. awwww... you big tear-jerker you! (just kidding of course!)... I hope that made your day! Thinkin' of you! We should skype soon - it's so fun!

  3. so weird. when i saw this post i remembered i dreamt last night that we were standing in your house and you were reading a letter from seth. seriously.

  4. Love it. Thanks for sharing it with us! I can imagine that you have read it many many times.

  5. you & your sister could be in the olympics with your syncronized dreaming...

  6. I know, right, Meredith?? Freaky. I was wondering if some of our common readers would notice :)

  7. Wow. What a wonderful letter! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Bethany,

    This is so awesome! I got my first letter the other day also brought a tear to my eye! I missed Jon's handwriting. Seems to like Seth said you never talk... Even if you do get a phone call every two three days you only have ten minutes its not enough to tell them all that has happened in three days :) I love letters so funny because when I got my first it was all the same things Seth said about the fire and the gym so cool! They will be home before we know it!


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