Tuesday, November 16, 2010


yesterday i had the genius idea of doing a video blog. quick, easy, no editing or making something look/sound/seem better than it is. not that i would EVER do that...

the only problem with doing a video blog is...
a.) i didn't really have anything to say.
b.) i have a distractingly small upper-lip.
c.) do i really talk like that? seriously, people that know me in real life--
     do i talk like that??
d.) i say "ummm," "like," and "so..." far too often.
e.) i'm not really that interesting.
f.) my hair is so nap-a-licious. yipes! i could've at least worn a hat.
g.) i said "giterdone." wow.
h.) it took me 24 hrs. to figure out how to get it loaded.

but what do you think?
would you like to see regular "day-in-the-life" posts 'round here?
or, should i just keep my upper-lip and my nappy hair to myself?

p.s. my "chest-cold thing" has turned into a "i-can't-get-out-of-bed-and-don't-care-if-piper-just-ate-a jumbo-sized-bag-of-mini-m&m's-for-breakfast-cause-i-kinda-wanna-die thing." so, i've accomplished nothing today besides blowing my nose, hacking up phlegm, being gross (see "hacking up phlegm"), eating soup, and crying. my voice is almost completely gone. it sounds so ridiculous, piper has accused me of talking like elmo. and apparently elmo does not command any respect.


  1. cute video! For sure!

    I am so sorry to hear you are sick... I was sick for ALL of October with a nasty chest cold and then I coughed so hard I bruised my ribs and could hardly move for about two weeks... finally I am starting to feel a little better. SO TAKE CARE! And do a cough-suppressant even if they say "coughing is good for you" because you don't want to be wincing when you pick up a gallon of milk for the next month like me!

  2. I loved the video - and personally thought your voice sounded kind of raspy and sexy. Hope you're feeling better. Spend a good part of today gathering some goodies for Seth's box - been trying to get it sent for WEEKS. Of course now I have to much stuff and going to have to cut somethings. But....going to try and keep the FUN things! Do I need a special military flat rate box to send. going to google that right now

    Hang in there

  3. You are hilarious. I have never noticed your small upper lip. Interesting. It isn't small in real life. And you don't really talk like that in real life either. At least not that I can remember. And I totally want to see more vlogs. They make me laugh.

  4. I saw "Florence and the Machine" on Ellen too and started listening to them right after because they are soooo good! Florence's voice is so good I can't believe it! I love "Dog Days are Over."

    Also, I have an incredibly small upper lip, too. It disappears when I smile. :(

  5. you made me smile. i'm your sister so i'm biased but i think the vlog was lovely. and your lips are luscious.

  6. aww yes bethany, definitely keep them up because they do bring smiles and laughs and i love and appreciate your transparency. just needed you haverlee to spell that word...goodness. gracious. sakes. alive. wish i lived closer so i could help you. press on.

  7. Oh B.A my dear, i wish i lived closer to help you out while you aren't feeling so well. YES LOVE the Video!!! You should do them more often, plus less writing!!:) I totally think you should do something like picking out your outfit or do something with piper and quinn and have the video cam catch it.. if you're anything like I am, when i am figuring out what clothes to wear, or what to accessorize with i'm always talking out loud to myself.. sometimes it gets pretty funny!! Just thought i'd let you know your doing a great job, and I hope you are starting to feel better soon!!!

  8. love the video....cute!!!

  9. i loved the vlog...you are sooo funny! i love the random stream of consciousness that you have. i love the idea of the "day in the life" concept. plus, it gives readers that don't know you a chance to see your wit! you are hilarious, girl! i might have to copy it some day!

    i don't think you sound like that in real life either & your lips are gorgeous & interesting--not like any one else i know! And truly, EVERYONE in our generation & younger (are we even in the same generation? boy, i'm old) says "like & ummm & so" far too often!!

  10. Loved the video! I hope you feel better soon!

  11. LOVED the video....AWESOME idea (i might have to try that one day)

    Hope you feel better soon!
    just an idea/suggestion.....whenever my girls or I get the whole chest cold crud we sit in the bathroom with the steam vaporizer thingy going for like 20-30 minutes a couple times a day for a few days in a row. it really works! The steamer is super cheap too. Just add salt to the water and steam yourself away. Oh and we use the smallest bathroom in the house (so the steam can build up). the girls are in the tub playing while I just sit on the toilet and soak up the steam. It gets super hot in there but breathing in the steam really helps loosen all that stuff up.


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