Friday, November 12, 2010


reader request, vol. 4
a few of you have wondered about my necklace.
where it's from, what it means, et cetera.
so! today i'll fill you in...

i'd had my eye on a mom-ish necklace ever since i had piper. but, i didn't want the "typical" mom necklace. nothing against "typical" mom necklaces. they're adorable and special and i love them. but...i just wanted something different.
this spring when mr.a & i were in oregon, i found a "B" charm that i really liked. i thought, what better way to start a "mom" necklace than with a charm for the mom! that store in cannon beach also had a bee charm which means a lot to me because my dad has always called me "killer bee" and now my closest friends & family call me B.

the "s" is for my mr.a. aka: seth.
it was made by shelby anderson, a local artist.
she also made this "be strong" charm, which i treated myself to when mr.a left for his deployment. i think those two words are pretty self-explanatory.
this dove actually came on the tag of my favorite pants, but i thought the dove's symbolism for peace was apropriate, especially as mr.a fights in a war across the world.
about a month ago, my sisters and i attended a craft bazarre in east village. there were a couple gals with some really cute jewelry, and one of their display charms was this one...

it made me laugh and i had to have it. the perfect charm for a "mom" necklace. and i hope mr.a always considers me a milf. if you don't know what it means, don't worry about it. (especially you, mom!) i do not want to be responsible for exposing you to such smuttery.

while we were in mississippi, cindy took us to a cute jewelry shop. they had tons of great jewelry, and almost all of it was under $20. i found this "P" and hoped to snag a "Q" as well, (for piper and quinn) but they don't make Q's! seriously! they don't even make them. so, i'm still on the look out for a Q. if anyone out there sees a cute Q, let me know!
i love that our initial charms are all different and unique--just like us.
i love this necklace. i love how it represents different parts of my life; and i'm not done yet! i'll keep adding to it as i can. it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

original chain with B charm: $24
bumble bee charm: $8
S charm: $6
be strong charm: $12
dove charm: free (kinda)
MILF charm: $5
P charm: $5

i guess when you add it all up, it's a fairly expensive necklace, but you can't put a price on memories and meaning.


  1. haha love the milf charm
    my husband and i joke (but is it really a joke) that it's my life long goal to be a milf.

    what's wrong with wanting to be hott stuff AND be a wifey and mom?

  2. I just love that each piece has it's own meaning... but I am partial to the MILF charm - ha!

  3. You should check out Eden in the East Village...they are carrying tiles from old newsprint and old wall paper with different letters. I think they are around $20...I've been hinting around with the hubs that I'd like one for Christmas. Maybe you'll find a 'Q'.

  4. What happened to the "P" that was just a "P"? I loved that charm. It was my favorite!!

  5. manda: i still have it, but the holes in it are too tiny to add to another necklace. maybe a jeweler could make them bigger (?)'s my fave too.

  6. Found your blog back in the fall fashion days. So glad I did, I'm loving following you and you have the cutest style.

  7. I really love your necklace - so personal! I would love to see your Mom's face when she finds out what MILF means - oh, wait - can I tell her?? You are a gem, b.a.


  8. i love how organically this mom necklace is coming together, much like a family does. so unique, so perfectly YOU!!

    I am headed to the library now to tell your mom what MILF means... :)

  9. Go to for the "Q" charm. They have a lot of really cute Q charms.

  10. The Vintage Pearl has cute simple q's for $8!

    I found you via Good Life for Less (I think) and I think you rule. I am an army wife too. My husband was in Iraq all last year. No kids yet, which made it not nearly so tough. I appreciate that you talk about how it sucks. :) Hang in there!


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