Saturday, November 06, 2010


i heart babies.
dear friends of ours just had a baby girl around midnight last night! her name is ada marie!!! isn't her name so sweet? "ada marie." (i just said that out loud. now you try.) anyway, the proud papa is forcing me to wait til tomorrow to come smother her with smooches, so to help pass the next 24 hours, i thought i'd show you the little care package i put together for this sweet fam.

warning: nothing is homemade or even that creative.
this ain't cakies or is*ly. just me, target, and a re-used gift bag.

arbonne sea salt scrub: a little pampering for the new momma. you use it in the shower and afterward you don't even need lotion because your skin is so soft! it's my favorite time-saver. plus, the scent is awaken--exactly what she'll need.
tresemme dry shampoo: showers may be few and far between for a while. dry shampoo is a total life-saver on those days you really shouldn't expose the world to your nappiness.

zhu zhu pet:
not exactly sure what this is, but my sister said her boys love them. and big brothers need lovin' too.

sierra nevada: for dad. self-explanatory.

cute li'l outfit: this is the first granddaughter on both sides of the family so i'm sure little miss ada will be well-dressed. but who can resist itty-bitty baby hoodies?! and those leggings? smooch.

there you have it. my new baby survival kit.
now...what to do for the next 22 hours?


  1. what a great package! Are you an Arbonne gal!?!? I am!

  2. love it! you are so thoughtful!!! i need me some of that dry shampoo!!

  3. being a mom with two boys...I can surely say that is a great survival kit!


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