Tuesday, November 30, 2010


thanksgiving in pictures.
i thought it might be good to do something different this year because, well, everything is different this year. so, the girls & i packed up and headed for chicago. we stayed with family and had a fantastic weekend away.
it was my first big road trip alone with the girls and, despite a little freezing rain and a ton of crazy-wind, it was a great drive.
piper & the mighty mississippi:
me & the mighty sleepy face:
there were 12 of us staying in the same house. it was great. and chaotic. 10 of the 12 were female, so it took hours to get everyone showered and ready each day. tons of beauty products, tonics, tools and clothes. it was awesome! girly overload.

most of us spent thanksgiving day lazing around, poring over the black friday ads while uncle dan slaved away in the kitchen:
this is uncle nick. he's a pilot. and a kook. if you ever see him when you board a plane, be sure to request a different flight. wink! he had flown into chicago just in time for thanksgiving dinner. somehow he found time to change into this sweater. he had found it in the attic of his parents' house. sometime in the '80s, grandma bought him this sweater and, for some reason, nick never wore it. (?!!!?!) it still had the tags on it! it's a beauty; stripes, argyle, and pleather patches. isn't he handsome? ha.
somehow his gorgeous wife, leslie, puts up with his madness. even when he refuses to take that thing off for family pictures:
piper dozed while we waited for turkey: 

and quinn rocked her baby:
finally it was dinner-time.
creepy uncle nick disrupted the beautiful blessing before dinner, but we forgave him 'cause it was pretty funny. and, well, he's nick. we talked and ate and laughed. ate some more and laughed a lot more! i'm so lucky to be part of such a fun, quirky (okay, weird) family!
we attempted a "family" picture...
piper would only sit still when she was trying to pet scarlett...
scarlett is one patient cat.
we finished the night with delicious dessert (flourless chocolate torte! yummm) and a few rounds of things. stay tuned for our black friday adventures!


  1. Chicago!?!? Hello! My parents live there - we should meet there sometime! Looks like fun gal!

  2. ohmaword--yes! let's!

    and, this is random, but piper just saw that pic of scarlett and said, "poor scarlett. she's thinking about her dad and mom. she got kicked out of the kingdom again." hahah, whaaa???

  3. Looked like a great time!! Love all these people!


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