Saturday, October 30, 2010


walking by woods.
when mr.a and i were first married, we lived near these woods. sometimes he would go off for hours; walking, exploring, just enjoying the silence. he needed that time. but i remember occasionally, as an insecure young bride, taking it personally that he would need this time away from me.
now i understand that he needed that time to breathe deeply, to be silent, and to return home refreshed.
today i walked just inside the edge of the woods.
the air was clear and cool. the woods were quiet.

after a long week meeting the demands of two little girls, i needed that moment alone. a moment to take a deep breath and be completely silent.
it would probably take a week in those woods for me to return home completely refreshed; but that brief walk was enough for today.

leather jacket: jones new york, $90 ('08)
scarf: urban outfitters, $15
3/4 tee: j.crew, $15
cargos: sanctuary, $55
shoes: toms, $40


  1. This was always my favorite time of year to walk there. I'm glad your getting to experience it. Love ya

  2. OH - How great that Seth is online!! How amazing did that feel to know he "got" what you were doing and meant. Hope all is going well


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