Friday, October 29, 2010


shades of gray.

 we're in a gray area. limbo.
some days i just want all of this to be over.
i wish that we could just fast-forward through this year.
and then i feel guilty for even thinking that.
i am healthy. my girls are healthy. my husband is healthy.
we are happy and strong and free and blessed.

it seems wrong to wish for more than what we've been given each day.
i feel guilty for considering it a challenge to get out of bed each morning when i have a body that is capable and a life that is beautiful.

but still...

i just want my husband home.
i want my girls to have their daddy. i want to live a "normal" life.
i don't want to be pityed or admired, because i'm neither pitiful or admirable.
just normal in an abnormal life.

a life in limbo. 

button-down: banana republic, $22
t-shirt: j.crew, $9
belt: j.crew, borrowed from sis
shoes: tory burch via ebay, $55
floral bangle: forever 21, $6
beaded bangle: j.crew, $8


  1. you are so cute!!! love the bangles!

  2. Very cute! I love the ensemble. Especially the button-down shirt, adorable. ;]

    <3 Harmony

  3. love this outfit.
    ps....killer teeth!

  4. How do you always find everything for such a good deal? I looked on the Banana Republic website and saw this shirt for 40 something dollars...

  5. anon: i have to admit, my aunt works for gap and bought me this shirt, so there was a discount.
    also, i used to work at j.crew, so a lot of my clothes were purchased there with my employee discount. and...sometimes i just get lucky! :)

  6. forgot to mention the AMAZING hair you have. :) i ENVY that tossled hair....


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