Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i feel short on words lately. you know how they say women need to say like, 7,000 words every day and men only need to say 700? (or something like that...) well, i hung out with girlfriends today, so i used about twice the normal allotment. so i apologize for not having much left for you!
how about some questions! what would you guys like to know? what do you want me to talk about? anything you wonder about me? or mr.a? or how i manage to not hide in my closet everyday with a bottle of cabernet? (i only do that twice a week...) fire away! i have a few requests i need to respond to and i'll try to do that this week! (tattoo, charm necklace, hairstyling, i have a list somewhere...) let's call this reader request week. (by the way, reader request weeks always start on wednesday. trust me.) 
you ask, i'll tell. you know i love a good excuse to get tmi on your a**.

hoodie: heritage, $18
scoop-neck tee: j.crew, $15
striped tank: j.crew, $15
gray cargos: heritage, $28
flats: tory burch via ebay, $55
dog-tag: mr.a's
charm necklace: miscellaneous


  1. cute shoes girlfriend! I can't think of a request... but when I do - watch out!

  2. I love reading about your outfits and as you already know, since I emailed you already, your hair! :) How did you do yesterday's style too?

    I don't think I commented on your Mississippi post...but wanted you know to I'm so glad you got some quality time with your Mr. Yay!

  3. I always admire your skinny cargos. I know you say they are Heritage brand,(and this may be a dumb question) but where do you buy them? I'm not familiar with that brand.


  4. I love this outfit! I think I use waaaay more than my allotted words everyday... oops. This is less reader request and more reader curiosity, however: I couldn't help but notice that gorgeous ring on your finger in that first pic-- is it your wedding ring? It's so unusual, and SO pretty. Going along with that (and if it isn't your wedding ring, then we'll just skip right over that first part and go to this), how did you and Mr.A meet? You two are so sweet together-- and I loved reading your post about your getaway the other day! It looked like a gorgeous place to have a vacay.

    (and this question is clearly an example of how I use far more words in a day than is humanely necessary. whoops!)

  5. Love love love your look. I want to know more about your first pregnancy. Was it planned? Did you always want kids early? How many more do you guys want? What's the most importance lessons you've learned as a mom?

  6. how do you always look so glow-y - makeup? skin care?

  7. oooh! good questions girls!!!
    to give you a quick answer, lauren: heritage is just one of forever21's brands. you can check it out on their website. just as cheap, with a bit more of a hipster-vibe.
    everyone else: i'll get to your ?'s asap!

  8. What's the deal with your wedding rings? I think they are so unique!

    Your trip to see Mr. A seemed so perfect and relaxing!

  9. yayyy i love Q+As! :)
    how old are you? did you go to college? if so, where? how old were you when you got married? how did you choose your daughters' names?

  10. I try to stick to 7. Great photos.

  11. I have always wanted to know about your neck with the charms. What meaning do they have for you? Please share!

  12. I definitely want you to do a "what's in her bag" post.

    And a "day in the life of" would be fun too.

    You're a button.

  13. great photos, you look beautiful.

    those shoes are awesome.

  14. I am swooning over your flats. I have been wanting some Tory Burch flats forever but can't afford them. Ebay!? Duh.

  15. I love the orange and stripes. Plus those shoes are just amazing. You look awesome.

  16. I love the detail shots of your outfit. Everyone has asked such great questions, I can't wait to hear your answers.

  17. Great outfit; you have great style! I love that you and your hubby met so young!

  18. These are probably some of the coolest shoes I have EVER seen. You look super cute. =D
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright


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