Friday, October 15, 2010


in pieces.
on sunday, at 4:30 p.m. i will have butterflies in my stomach and a nervous grin on my face as i wait for mr.a to walk toward me.
we won't be in iowa. he won't be coming home. but we'll be together.
it will have been 78 days since i have touched his skin, kissed his lips,
and fallen into his arms.
though i have known about this trip for weeks now, i haven't tortured myself with thoughts of those tender moments...until now. now the tears stream.
this brief reunion ultimately marks the beginning of an even greater separation;
more distance, more time, more danger, more fear.
but some day, a long time from now, i will have more butterflies and i will have another nervous grin as i await his return to me again.

denim jacket: walmart, $15
ruffled henley: target, $15
white tank: old navy. $7
cargos: sanctuary, $55
flip flops: j.crew, $12
large bangle: forever 21, $6
silver beaded bracelet: target, $4
studded bracelet: forever 21, $4
sunglasses: rayban wayfarers, gift


  1. yay! have fun... I just love this outfit! All of the bold accessories are so perfect!

  2. You look beautiful! I"m so glad you get to see your husband!

    Oh your words tugged on my heart! I've added you both to my prayer list.

    You have incredible strength to get through this. I know he will come home to you safely next time too! Have a great weekend together.

  3. SO glad you get to see your hubby soon! I hope you have a wonderful R&R time together. :)

  4. beautiful. wishing you a loving and beautiful reunion.

  5. Mr. A might be your hero, but you are mine. What you live everyday amazes me...don't get me wrong, the outfits are great, but the strength and courage blow me away! I am also married to my very best friend, and I don't know how you do it! You are lovely in every single way! Blessings over the time you are going to spend with him, many, many blessings.


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