Tuesday, October 12, 2010


old. new. borrowed. blue.
are you sick of seeing outfits like this? maybe i haven't photographed them as much as i actually wear them. but you know i love olive green pants, and i love a good plaid shirt. my little sister happens to own the perfect plaid shirt...
so i borrowed it.
wore it with a new tank top*...
and paired it with my old standby.
my diy blue shoes just seemed to work with this laid-back outfit.
plaid shirt: j.crew, borrowed
tank: old navy, $7
pants: urban outfitters: $40
shoes: walmart, $7, diy destructing

*old navy has these plain tank tops in solid colors. they are a lot like these from j.crew but way cheaper and, honestly, i like them better.
they're so soft and stretchy!


  1. how do you get the most perfect messy bun every time? My messy buns are just messy! Also, is that a tattoo peeking out on your wrist??? or a bracelet??? If it's a tattoo... i need more shots of that! So cool!

  2. I live in Old Navy tank tops-- although I tend to reach for the rib-knit tanks. I layer them under most of my outfits.

  3. can i see a pic of your tattoo?!!?


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