Wednesday, October 06, 2010


i'm watching frida.
have you ever seen it? it's one of my favorite movies. you can tell the movie was made out of deep love and respect for frida kahlo's work and her life. it is beautiful. and, um, salma hayek is gorgeous. even with a unibrow!

i got off an a tangent. this post is actually about what i wore tonight...
i was honored to attend another fundraiser event and, besides being a nice break from the lil rascals for a couple hours, it was also very inspiring and honoring for me to be there.
this organization does so much for military families.
blouse: anthropologie, $25
tank: j.crew, $8
pants: sanctuary, $55
necklace, earrings, bracelet: gifts
all from my best friend!
doesn't she have great taste in jewelry?
shoes: steve madden, $50


  1. I also like Frida...the movie is so surreal in playing off her artwork, which I think worked well. Crazy life. your outfit!

  2. It's nice...But I'm not wearing that blouse. You can forget it.


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