Monday, October 04, 2010


the hat.
this was one of those days where there was no possible way i could take a shower. i rushed home from a kickboxing class determined that, if i took the quickest shower in the history of the world, i might be able to get ready in time for the apple orchard. by the time lunches were made and kids were dressed--i knew even the quickest shower in the world wouldn't be quick enough.
so... this outfit was created around the hat.
i used to be a wannabe hat-wearer. but now i'm a real hat-wearer. you can hide the nappiest hair under a cute hat and no one will ever know your nappy secret. 

unless you go down a huge slide and your hat flies off...
top: j.crew $20
tank: j.crew $8
jeans: gap $35
sandals: lucky brand: $20
my favorite necklace: a gift
hat: converse, target $14


  1. A good hat can save the day! Love this outfit!

  2. You look darling! I wanna be a hat wear-er!

    Have you seen that funny commercial for Target with the girl who wants to "wear hats"?

  3. I'm a major hat-wearer! I love all my hats. You look darling in yours. I discovered your blog from a comment you made on Reagan Breinholt's blog! Hope you don't mind my stopping by.

  4. Love your outfit and that hat is adorable on you! I am a new reader of your blog and I love your outfit posts.


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