Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i mentioned in my last post that i needed a little boost in the what-to-blog-about department. sometimes i don't know if you guys care to hear about what kind of music i like or what facewash i use. i know i love when bloggers do those "what's in my pantry/purse/ipod" posts. you? sometimes i still don't consider myself a Blogger. yes. Blogger with a capital B.

i love blogging and i love that a handful of people actually read my blog, but that insecure 7th grader inside me is like, "well, like, ummm, make sure you don't like, take it too seriously in case like, one day everyone decides you suck and no one wants to sit with you at lunch and cassie tells everyone that you copied her hair."

you know, just in case.

personally, one of the reasons i love reading blogs is because it's kind of like watching reality tv but without all the smut and f-bombs. (unless you read mfamb. bwahaha!) blogs bring out the inner voyeur in all of us. it's fun to peek into people's homes and lives and closets! right? so, with that, i introduce to you reader requests! i'll try to do at least one reader request post a week (as long as you keep sending in the requests!) you can leave a request/question in a comment or e-mail me at

to start off this series* i thought i'd tell you about my tattoo. some of you noticed it for the first time in this post and requested a better view of it.
this is the huguenot cross. it was the symbol used by the huguenots (who were french protestants, persecuted for their faith) to identify people and places where they would be safe. the cross was shown as a symbol of the bearer's faith.
i will admit: though i knew i specifically wanted the huguenot cross, i wish i would have spent more time researching artists in our area. i wish it was a bit more delicate. however, i'm really glad i got it--the symbolism and meaning is a constant reminder to me of the faith that i have and the grace that God gives me every day. maybe one day i will get it tweaked to bring it closer to my original vision, but most days i think it's just right.

*i feel silly even saying the word i'm taking myself too seriously.
but, can we all agree that this is a series within d.t.w.s.l.d? let me know.


  1. I started reading you because my sister was! I love your blog, I look forward to reading it all the time! I'm stoked for this new series!

  2. yay! the tattoo!!!

    I absolutely LOVE it Bethany! I have one teeny tiny tattoo... but I get so inspired to see them on other people. There are so many good ones out there (and unfortunately that goes for the bad ones too). But I am too wimpy to get another, so I just have to admire others'.

    It's really, really gorgeous... thanks for sharing!

  3. I like that you chose to tatto something that had such meaning for you and not some disney character!

  4. You summed up my reason for loving reading blogs perfectly! It's the acceptable way of being a voyeur. And I much enjoy reading yours! I'll try to come up with some questions.

  5. LOVE IT...I love series on peoples blogs, it gets me excited for that particular blog to be posted during the week. You are great at this Bethany no need to worry.

  6. i was hoping for a better shot of the tattoo -- love it and its meaning.

    i like how you change up your blog topics -- from fashion to kids to relationships to random life stuff! you could write about anything and it will sound awesome ... one reason i keep coming back to your blog!

  7. I love your blog! I find myself checking to see if there's a new post, because they are so fun to read!

    And, I think you can totally get away with a blog series...hey, it beats writer's block!

  8. I've been too shy to ask, but now that you threw this out there...

    How did you come up with the names Piper and Quinn? I have a dog named Piper, she's named after one of my favorite songs by Phish. And they sing a song called The Mighty Quinn, so you can imagine where I'm going with this.

    So glad you got to see your hubby for a few days!

  9. Oh i love it!
    Love the Q about your baby names! I'm so enamored by the hunt for baby names...especially girls, so how fun!

    Would love to read your testimony, too!

  10. hi! so i am totally getting the huguenot cross in the SAME PLACE tomorrow (before i even saw yours) and i just googled "huguenot cross tattoos" and yours came up! ha! just wanted to let you know.
    so um maybe we are soul-sistah's ;)

  11. I am probably going to to steal your tattoo. My ancestors were French Huguenots that escaped to Ireland and England. I want to get it to accompany and compliment the soldier's cross I also have on my arm. I think the story of the Huguenots is amazing and the persecution they endured for their beliefs was truly inspiring. They truly followed the path of Jesus.

  12. I am a grandmother and my ancestors were french huguenots and lived in the east end of london and my daughter and i are having this tattoo done in a couple of weeks ,this will be my first tattoo i chose this because i thought the huguenots through the century:s had gone through so much but still kept there faith , regards june

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