Friday, October 29, 2010


reader request, vol. 2
some of you were curious about mr.a & i. how we met, when we got married, our wedding rings, et cetera. i actually wrote the beginning of our story here.
(you may want to read that first...)

mr.a and i had been dating for about a year & a half. though we were young (i was 19 and he was 20), we knew we wanted to get married. we had talked about rings and i'd even sketched a design of what type of ring i would like (simple, but unique). mr.a had asked for my dad's blessing to marry me and after patiently waiting six months, was finally given said blessing...but that's another story!

on christmas eve, our families had planned to have dinner together. we had all been close friends for a long time, so this wasn't unusual to spend a holiday together. everyone sat around talking after dinner until someone mentioned we should go look at christmas lights. everyone seemed to think this was a great way to spend christmas eve. i mentioned that we should go to this neighborhood that always has a theme and every house really goes all out. we jumped in two cars and headed that direction. at some point, our cars got separated (which, little did i know was all part of a big scheme). my brother-in-law suggested we pull into this parking lot to call our parents who were in the other car. there was a big building in front of us and we could see a some people standing out in front. mr.a said we should run over and ask if they'd seen our parents pull in there. that didn't make much sense to me, but everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea. so mr.a and i got out of the car and that's when he said, "i told you we were going to look at lights, but i didn't tell you were going to look at them from a helicopter! merry christmas, babe!" i was so excited! i laughed and gave him a big hug. because he had said, "merry christmas" i assumed this was my christmas present and still didn't think that there may have been more going on.

we got into the helicopter and it was so exciting! this was before we had a digital camera, so sadly i don't have pictures of our trip, but the pilot worked for a local news channel, so he recorded our whole flight. anyway, it was so cool to see all the neigborhoods lit up from the sky. after a while, we flew over an area that was totally dark and there weren't any christmas lights to see. i thought that was kind of strange, but figured he may have just been heading back to the airport or something. then mr.a said, "look out my window! there are some lights over here." i leaned over, and saw a dark field lit up with christmas lights that spelled, MARRY ME
when i looked back at mr.a he was holding the exact ring that i had drawn on a scrap of paper months before. he'd had it made by 2AU, a local jewelry boutique. i can't even remember exactly what he said, but i know i burst out laughing and said yes!
this picture is from when i was pregnant with quinn and was too swollen to wear my rings.

our families were waiting for us at the ankeny airport (which is tiny, that's why i didn't realize where we were when we first arrived) and we took some pictures. the pilot was going in to the news station that night and said he would try to post a picture of us on the 10 o'clock newscast. we all went home to celebrate and watch the news. not only did he post a picture, they showed a video clip of mr.a proposing and congratulated us on the news! (obviously there wasn't much "news" on christmas eve.) it was such an amazing night.
i was 19 when we got engaged and 20 when we got married six months later. that seems so young now, but i was confident in my decision and our wedding day was the happiest day of my life. i'd say we were pretty mature for 20 & 21, but looking back, we've done a lot of growing up in the past 5 years. fortunately, we've grown up together.

today we are literally worlds apart,
but we're closer than ever before.


  1. sweet, sweet, sweet... I love a good love story!

  2. That's just beautiful!!!

  3. so beautiful!
    plus i LOVE your wedding dress!

  4. how awesome! I've never heard that story! got to be one of the best proposals of all time!

  5. Adorable! And I just met Mrs. Au your jewelry maker last night:) Craziness!


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