Tuesday, October 26, 2010


when my sister and i were little, we'd sing: "M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, hump-back, hump-back, I." isn't that weird? did anyone else sing that little song? mississippi has the funnest spelling of all the states so i guess it deserves its own weird little spelling song.

a couple months ago, we found out mr.a would have four days of leave in mississippi. it worked out perfectly for us because his aunt & uncle happen to live near jackson, just a couple hours north of the base (camp shelby). the family owns a large acreage outside of jackson with a beautiful home and pool and a cabin back in the woods! we stayed in the cabin.  it. was. perfect. we had 650 acres of beautiful fields, ponds, forests, and wildlife all to ourselves! absolute solitude.

the property is called port amsterdam because it backs up to the big black river and people used to bring their cotton to the port and send it down the big black which ultimately connects to the mississippi river.

we had a 4-wheeler to ride around on & explore the land.
besides the gorgeous home on the main part of the property, there is a garden with rose bushes, grape vines, and fig trees among other things. the rosemary bushes smelled so delicious!

have you ever seen a real loofah? did you know there was such thing as a real loofah? they grow like gourds on a vine and when they dry out they're perfect for exfoliating! cool, huh?

 on our first full day at port amsterdam, we slept in, ate breakfast on the front porch, and uncle dave came to give us a tour of the property. after he left, we hit up the pool--in our skivvies! like i said, there was no one around and i had forgotten to pack our bathing suits. so...why not?! it was a gorgeous day. warm but not too hot. not humid. the view was gorgeous. and it was quiet. so quiet!

each day we slept in and took our time eating breakfast in the warm sun on the deck and sloooowly got ready. most moms out there know what a joy it is to take your time in the shower, out your makeup on with care, and actually blow-dry your hair! totally underrated.

on tuesday we walked around highland village--a really neat shopping area with great boutiques and restaurants. that night we went to see the social network with our cousin cody & his sweet (and prego!) wife, rachel. (by the way: i wouldn't spend the money to see it in the theater, definitely a renter. unless you're a big JT fan. can't complain about seein' that mug on the big screen!) wednesday we had a really slow morning and hung around our little cabin in the woods. finally we headed out for the day, but got lost & ended up spending a lot of time in the car. we still had a great time and just enjoyed being together.

that night we went to walker's drive-in. it's known as one of the best restaurants in jackson and it certainly lived up to its reputation. but we certainly paid the price. eek. possibly our #1 most-expensive meal ever. but it was divine. delicious. and our last date for a loooong time. so it was worth every penny.

thursday was our last day together. we stuck with our schedule of sleeping in and taking it slow. once we had gathered up our things, we met cindy and took a trip to mustard seed. mustard seed is a ministry for adults with developmental disabilities. our cousin, logan, spends her days there and is getting ready to move into their girls dorm. one of the main things they do at mustard seed is paint (and sell) ceramics. it was so fun to see logan in her element, laughing and joking around with all her friends.
after that, we hit the highway and headed south. we picked up two of our buddies, had dinner and drinks (more drinks than dinner...) and got the boys to the base just in time. they changed into their "pt's" (physical training uniforms) and got into formation.

i honestly didn't feel overwhelmingly sad. i don't know why... maybe because this time i was leaving him, rather than him leaving me? not sure. there are plenty of days ahead to be overwhelmingly sad, but, luckily our last few moments together were just...good.
happy, loving, and good.


  1. aww. this is so sweet. i'm so glad you got to see each other. i was wondering where you were!

  2. What a great trip! No wonder you have had a tough time getting back to reality... that looked heavenly! Is that little place for, ummmm, rent? I need to go there! It looks so relaxing and serene!

    You look so happy in all of these pictures... I'm so happy for you that you had a great visit with your guy!

  3. definitely sang the MS song. my first grade teacher taught it to us. SO GLAD you got in some time with Mr. A. SO THANKFUL that your family makes sacrifices so I can live in freedom. Thank you.

  4. So glad that you had a good time - just what we hoped would happen for the 2 of you. LOVED having you around and getting 1 on 1 (or 2 on 2) with you guys. So proud of both of you for what you are doing. AND Bethany did awesome leaving the boys at Camp - I mean amazing!! Can't brag enough!

  5. Wow!! What an amazing place!! I want to go. Love the little island; it's always been one of my dreams to have one like that with a huge weeping willow on it. Sounds like it was a wonderful little getaway with the hubby.

    I am looking forward to your new series and my question is, how do you take your outfit pictures?? Do you do them all yourself and if so, I have to say, you are majorly talented because I don't think I would be able to be that quick and coordinated :)

    Saw Piper at church. She is such a cutie pie!!


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