Friday, October 01, 2010


on thursday we went to the center grove apple orchard. it's like an apple orchard on steroids. in fact, there's so much to do there, we didn't pick a single apple. but...we looked at them!
 they have a hay maze:
 a vine... tunnel:
 a corn pool:

 a cute bike:
 a huge jumping thing:
a big slide:

and happy kids:
it was a really good day.
by the way, i started this post three days ago but kept having trouble with the picture-loader-thing. so i gave up. unfortunately blogging time is hard to find and short when found.
but i miss you guys and hope to be back to regular blogging this week!!!


  1. I love Center Grove! We went there last week too - SO fun! This reminds me I need to post some pics. By the way - you look great! I LOVE that picture of you and P! :)

  2. That place looks like a lot of fun. Fall rules.

  3. That second to last phote of you and piper is so beautiful. Mad props sistuh.


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