Monday, September 27, 2010


quick pick.
rushing around. on the phone. home from one place, on the way to the next. kids strapped in the car. quick outfit pic? why not!
i was talking to my friend, jenn.
it takes us forever to have a conversation because we spend half the time yelling at our reminding our kids that they need to be quiet while mommy's on the phone.

and of all the places i could have stood...cardigan: forever 21, $14
t-shirt: j.crew, $12
black jeans: charlotte russe, $29
flats: gap, $35


  1. super cute! I love your raw honesty!! what was that stain, mustard?? your norwex cloth & some water will bust that stain right out! :)

  2. Cute and charming, as always! Can't wait to see your blog on self tanners! :)

  3. I LOVE it!! { ... and darn it. those blue walls, too. }


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