Friday, September 17, 2010


i'm pretty tired today. i let the girls wreak havoc on the house while i took a nap this afternoon. but i'm still tired. when i finally realize i'm tired, it's not just curable by a nap. at this point i need a nap, a week-long stay at a spa, and a month in therapy. but it's friday. and that should suffice for now.

i didn't even have the energy to go outside for these pictures. sorry. you get to look at my fridge and drywall touch-up spots.

top: anthropologie
jean leggings: big star
necklace: old, rampage
shoes: steve madden

yesterday i wore this...
3/4 sleeve shirt: j.crew
white tank: j.crew
pants: heritage
shoes: toms
scarf: urban outfitters
bracelet: gift


  1. both are VERY cute outfits! Love them... i had one of those weeks too, but my husband was only gone for a few days... you are a saint girl!

  2. found you through reagans blob. love it. i shall follow. :)

  3. HOW. do you do your hair?? I love it. simple no-stress waves... love it.

  4. Bridget...that's my sister's glorious God-given genes. I'm the thin hair sister...she's the Hollywood Hair sister. She probably did a quick blow dry and tousled it casually. No fair.

  5. hahaha, ugh. i hate to admit, bridget: this was a pretty simple styling. if i'm patient and let it air-dry half-way and then blow-dry on low, it ends up in a subtle wave. (with the addition of some random concoction of products.) but, it is sort-of hit or miss. some days it's just limp & lame. but, thanks for the encouragement! yesterday i was THISCLOSE to chopping it all off.

  6. Oh my word! You are wearing jeggings....baaahaahaaahaaa!!!! They are cute but the slang term is ri-donk-u-lous!!!!

  7. exactly why i didn't USE the slang term! haha, i totally agree. and i was VERY hesitant to commit, but the top of these are like maternity pants--so comfy!

  8. LOVE LOVE it! The outfit, YOU.. everything! So cute and fall-ish!


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