Tuesday, September 14, 2010


today's weather was schizophrenic.
gray and gloomy, bright and sunny, rainy and cool, warm and breezy...all in one day. it was weird. but i guess that's one reason i love fall; on a given day you could wear virtually anything from your wardrobe. except maybe your hot-pants and platform flip-flops.
but...you maybe shouldn't own those anyway.
but flannel? yes.
(i've already put flannel sheets on our bed!)
and cargos? definitely.
(i have a bit of a cargo-habit.)
have you busted out your fall-ish clothes yet?

 plaid flannel: heritage, $14
 aqua t-shirt: j.crew, $8
grey cargos: heritage, $24
moccasins: super-old minnetonkas, $20


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