Wednesday, September 08, 2010


that's not my dog.

i'll try not to give the outward appearance too much credit, but taking the time to blow-dry my hair and putting on something cute made me feel really great today. i know what a challenge it is for moms to spend even a little extra time on themselves in the morning...but i think when you feel good about yourself, it can affect your whole outlook.
i not only took a little time for myself this morning, thanks to a wonderful and generous friend, i also walked around valley junction this afternoon all. by. my. self! it was glorious. i rarely get to go to valley junction period, and to go sans children was wonderful.
i got this cute bracelet at sisters for $6. totally reminded me of these bracelets.
i felt so much more like myself today.
it was a really good day.

cardigan: j.crew, $25
top: forever 21, $14
black jeans: charlotte russe, $25
sandals: n.y.l.a. from tj maxx, $20
necklace: gift
bracelet: sisters, $6


  1. Yay for time to yourself!
    Yay for cute outfits!
    Yay for a good day!

  2. hurray for feeling like yourself and feeling great! love your hair! i revel in any shopping experience sans kids ... wow.

  3. You're adorable, Bethany! And who's dog is that?! Ha ha ha...


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