Friday, September 10, 2010


it's late. or early. depending on how you look at it. piper and i were asleep by 8:30 tonight. but then i woke up at 12:30 and remembered a bill i forgot to pay. so i paid it. and now it's more morning than night. here are some things i think about at this time of day. or night.

i want a dog. i think.
mr.a and i have talked on & off for years about getting a dog. (i still remember the first time we talked about getting a dog. we lived in colorado and it made me feel all romantical that he wanted to get a dog with me. we got a baby instead.) we have the perfect yard for a dog and piper & quinn both love dogs. a couple days ago my brother and sis-in-law adopted a dog and it sent me on a search for my own sweet pup. (i call all dogs pup. i don't really want a puppy. i mean, i love puppies. but, after potty-training piper, there's no way in H i'm gonna do anymore potty-training than i have to.) 
these are the two pups i'm crushing on:
this is radar. he's an australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix. i love heelers. mr.a's brother has a blue heeler and he's the best dog ever. look at those ears!

and this is hobbs. he's a beagle/italian greyhound mix. i've never even heard of such a combo. but he is so cute and small, but not too small!

what do you guys think? am i crazy? i am. i know.

oprah told me to watch precious. she said it was really important. i felt guilty for waiting so long to see it. oprah said i needed to see it. but i could only handle about 6 minutes of the f-word. it made my stomach hurt. so i shut it off.

have i told you about zumba? oh my.
it's a dance work-out class that i go to on fridays. let me preface this by saying, about a year ago, i had never even been to a single workout class in my life. and i never would have attempted a dance class. never. but, i'm trying to be brave and try new things. new things like...zumba!
you would die if you saw me. by die i mean point and laugh. but it's really fun and no one cares that i suck. (and lucky for me, the only person in my class that's really good is the teacher.) it's a mix of all different types of dance and it's been a really fun way to get a good work-out. i secretly love to dance and secretly think i'm awesome when i'm at home with piper, quinn and lady gaga. at zumba class, with its wall of mirrors, i can see what a dork i really am. but i still love it.

thanks for all your great input on the cleaning issue. it was nice to know that most of yousuck at cleaning, too! and a lot of you pay for help with it. when i think about the money i spend on clothes or cable or other frivolous things--i could totally cut back and use that money for something that would really make my life so much easier.
i think i'm gonna do it!


okay, hope you enjoyed this midnight edition of dtwsld. now i need to rest up for zumbaaa!


  1. Zumba. ROCKS. I haven't been to a class in a while - I was taking them faithfully for a long time, but turbokick is more my style these days. Still, loves me some zumba now and then.

    Precious? Well, it's an important movie - if you can give it another chance later, it is worth it. Is it easy? No. Way. But it is a great film.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I don't think I could deal with watching Precious either - too, too sad, and I hate hearing that kind of language.

  3. I watched Precious and it is sooo hard to watch and it doesn't get better the whooooole time. As a matter of fact it gets worse and worse and made me feel nauseous afterwards for like two days. :-P

  4. Hobbs is my he potty trained??? Up to date on shots? Neutered? He is dainty and cute. Although I totally can't do a male dog. Their penis freaks me out. And how do you know he isn't a humper? EEEK!

    I got about 6 minutes into Precious and had to turn it off as well. I have absolutely no desire to see the rest.

    Zumba sounds like fun.

    I would rather have a cleaning bill than a vet bill. :-)

  5. I have two little ones and sometimes I feel that my dogs get neglected now. Plus they are soooo expensive. If you do get one, get a girl dog, even though your Boys pee all over!!!!

    I watched Precious and wish I hadn't. I think the part with the TV and baby scarred me for life.

  6. I'm glad I read these comments...I now have no desire to watch Precious. Thank you commenters for helping me not waste 6 minutes of my life listening to the F word.

    I think you should celebrate Seth's RETURN with a pup. No sooner...PLEASE!

  7. Hi again! I was thinking about your post and about how Oprah said we all NEED to see Precious, and I guess my question would be why? "Whatever is good, lovely, right, pure, deserving of praise, meditate on these things," right? What good is served by watching a movie that is about the very worst depravity of man? I'm glad you turned it off. :)
    Have a good weekend~

  8. Whoa so what I mean to say was, even though you have an abundance of girls in the household, get a female dog. Boys are terrible to potty train!!!

  9. Go for a dog!! !They are soo darn adorable the two you are looking at!!! I think it would be a great thing for you and your a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e family!!! Also, i loved having my dog around, because they really take that bite of loneliness away and can make you jump out of a nasty or depressed mood quicker! At least i think my dog therapy is great!!!

  10. Well you know I have to weigh in on the dog thing... I just adopted a female Scottish Terrier that is almost 3 years old. The first four days were really hard because she is so timid and shy but we turned a corner today after working with a dog whisperer for six solid hours (my daughter - who would help you as well). I think dogs are soooooo great and wonderful for kids, and such great comfort and amusement. It would help if you could try one out for a week or so and see how he/she fits into your family.


  11. I think your first comment by Shannon says it all. It's not your cookie cutter film. As a parent you may want to watch it. Yes it's a difficult film to watch. But never the less, it's a reminder that these things DO go on out there regardless of how much we want to change the channel or close the door to what we see or hear that makes us feel uncofortable.

  12. I was cracking up when you wrote about zumba. My friend just invited me to go to zumba class with her and I said yes, before I had any idea what it was. So remembering I had said yes, I went on youtube and looked it up. The first video I watched freaked me out and I thought, "What have I gotten myself into!" In the second video, I spotted myself. Really, this would totally be me. See if you can pick me out:

    Yep, the white girl in the white tank top. That would totally be me. It even looks a little bit like me! I watch that video and just laugh and laugh at what I would look like doing zumba.

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