Thursday, September 02, 2010


thankful thursday.
remember thankful thursdays? i haven't written one in a while. not that i haven't been thankful. in no particular order...

-this week i got to meet two sweet readers! i looked borderline atrocious on both occasions and neither one ran away screaming! thanks, rachel and tanya! it was so fun to meet you. i promise i really do shower on occasion.

-i got to hang out with a blogger-friend-turned-real-friend on tuesday night and spilled my guts a little bit. she's just a few years ahead of me in this life/wife/mom thing and had some great advice for me. besides just listening to me blabble. (i'm alone with a baby & toddler 90% of my time. if you are around me--i'm probable going to blabble. i may not even make sense, but please just smile and nod. adult conversation is higly underrated!)

-i had a wonderfully honest skype-time with mr.a the other night. i was able to be really honest about some things i'd been going through and we talked about ways to stay connected and meet each other's needs--even when we're worlds apart. i had a good cry & felt a lot better. i love that man.

-i got reacquainted with an old friend whose husband is gone for about 6 months out of every year. (he's in a band.) it was great to talk to someone who i really trust, and who understands a lot of the struggles of being separated from your spouse. we shopped and talked as our kids ran and played. it was a really fun afternoon. plus, she loves forever 21 as much (or maybe more!) than i do.

-friends & family weekend at the gap. 30% off! need i say more?

-one of my dearest friends is a budding event planner. he did a wedding in iowa this past weekend and i got to help! it was incredibly beautiful. i had no experience doing flower arrangements or decorating, but joey's great at telling people what to do! (ha.) despite some last-minute stress and television-worthy drama, everything was exquisite.

-piper's preschool is fantastic. it's exactly what we both need every tuesday and thursday.

-after taking the summer off, i've returned to my fitness class. it's so good for me. after one session i immediately felt better (mentally and physically) and rushed home to try on my skinny jeans. which, um...didn't fit.

-through the wonder of facebook, i got to see a picture of mr.a at work! (he's the furthest to the right...)
so much to be thankful for!


  1. My thoughts go out to you, chica. I don't know how you do it. I look at the Boston Globe's "big picture" every week. Twice in the last 6 weeks they have featured a set from Afghanistan. I get anxiety viewing the shots w/o even knowing anyone personally, let alone being married to any of them. Your Mr. A is a brave soul. I hope that you (and he) know how much we are sending positive vibes for his safe keeping and safe return. Have a fantastic extended weekend.

  2. you are a brave and sweet girl... i loved this post! so much to be thankful for! my daughter has that same skirt that piper's wearing - awww! take care girly!

  3. good for you girlie! Oh how I wish I lived near you! :)

  4. Did Joey used to work for Saley - the wedding flower lady? I had a guy named Joey come to my wedding and set it up. I wonder if it's the same guy...

  5. well, when you give a little shout out, I guess I have to come out of my eternal lurking/stalking status. I loved meeting you in person...the two things I kept thinking about the rest of the night: 1) how/where is she going to lose 10 lbs? (I know you say it's about the clothes, but still...) and 2) your voice is huskier/sexier (that lucky mr.a) than I had been reading it as. Creepy for me to write that? not trying to be! love your blog.

  6. yay for thankful thursdays & this amazing post!! it encourages me to look on the bright side of my life too! love you, girl!

  7. haha, tonya! you are so creepy! hahaha, just kidding. but i'm totally gonna tell mr.a how lucky he is to have such a husky woman (in more ways than one)!

    courtney: yes! that's my joey! isn't he wonderful?

    thank-you, turbo. sometimes i get queazy when i look at photographs of our then i just have to think about something else. like unicorns and french fries.

    kerri: giiiirrrrl! i wish you lived here too! (or me there?)

  8. Rachel told me she was so excited to get a shout-out but STILL felt weird commenting. I was like, a dang comment! Non-bloggers just don't get it :)

  9. Haverlee-
    Thanks for ratting me out! I am a dork, but I was super excited to get a shout out and have now overcome my fear to comment! =)

    b.a.- it was great to finally meet you; I still feel like you're a celebrity! And, you looked great when I saw you, as you always do!


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