Wednesday, September 22, 2010


the bird.
it's amazing to see certain qualities in your children that you know have been passed down through your dna: piper's distinct hairline (from mr.a) and the odd shape of quinn's left ear (from my dad). while physical traits are somewhat expected; the evolution of their mannerisms are much more interesting to witness. piper has recently begun pointing like an arganbright.
yes, pointing.
the men on mr.a's side of the family all have a specific "point" and it is incredible to see piper pick up this habit without ever being taught.
somehow, it has just been... passed on.


  1. LOL..."point"...LOL...we call that something else...

  2. that's too cool.
    my little guy makes this crazy excited face like I used to... God is smart.

  3. Crazy! My dad points with his middle finger too!!

  4. Whatever, you aren't fooling me. I know she learned that from watching you.

  5. My screen was sized perfectly to have to scroll down to see the full image. I definitely was laughing out loud!

  6. hey..... it's Anna from the marriage thing today.. I was in your group.. had some awesome purple sweats on with a sweater.. anyways... wanted to shoot you an email..... BUT I don't have yours... sooo.. here's mine... ps: sweet blog.

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