Thursday, September 16, 2010


what the hell.  do you mind if i say that? if so, i'm sorry. but it's what went through my head ten minutes after writing the post below.
seriously? every time i sit down to write something nice about my kids, they are simultaneously doing something evil.
i went in to check on them and this is what i found....

piper rubbed an entire tube of athlete's foot creme all over quinn's head.
fyi: no one in our family has athlete's foot.
the pediatrician prescribed it for quinn's diaper rash.

she does not suffer from diaper rash of the scalp.


  1. Could NOT contain myself when i read this. B.A you are AWESOME!! Your blog is like that best novel with the chapters that when you finish reading one, you jump again to look and read the title of the next one just waiting to read what's next. That's me with your blog. I get all giddy when i see a new than i saw earlier.

    Good luck with the athlete's foot cream! At least they had fun!!! hehe

  2. You guys are too cute. You know who you remind me of? Miss James from bleubird vintage. Have you ever seen her blog? Amazing. You guys gave very similar style.

  3. Gotta be honest, I guffawed while reading this and then promptly shared it with my hubs. We had an eerily similar experience in our house. Just in this version it was two boys and a giant tube of Desitin. ;)

  4. Seriously, hysterical!!! I love that you grabbed the camera before heading to the bathtub!!

  5. so funny! isn't that the karma of life??

  6. Ahh come on, it is a little funny - it's easier to have the mind set a child when you become a grandparent and see the humor. Guess that's because I don't have to clean it up. At least Quinn doesn't seem to mind.

  7. Oh man...I laughed so hard! This is hysterical...have to say, I can totally relate. Getting into stuff is kind of my kid's M.O.

  8. Ha, i know how you feel! I was visiting a friends once and Kendrick and her little boy got into a whole tub of skin cream and had it all over themselves and his bed. Then the other day kendrick was rubbing Vaseline all over herself instead of napping! We have to keep lotions out of her reach! Piper and her would be trouble together!

  9. Bethany,

    This truly made my day. I couldn't contain it because Quinn looked so darn cute while covered in Athletes Foot cream. You'll laugh about it so someday, I know it :)


  10. You always make me laugh, think, cry or some such emotion! Can you make it so i get an email when you write a new post?

  11. OH NO! But she looks so proud!

    Q's little head was the {perfect} canvas!!

  12. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this made my day :) haha not like lotion nope athlete's foot creme GROSS!!! haha


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