Friday, September 03, 2010


dirty little secrets.

i haven't done laundry in a month.

yep, you heard me. i haven't done laundry in a month.
not one single load since mr.a left.
true story.
want to see what a month's worth of laundry looks like?
an hour ago these four piles were one enormous mountain of laundry that took up half of my bedroom. i'd have to belay piper just to get her from one side of the room to the other.
apparently i have a lot of underwear. i knew things were getting bad when i had to use piper's elmo beach towel after my shower. but i didn't hit rock bottom until i found myself hanging a dish towel on my hook next to the shower.

it was time to divide and conquer.
it took me all morning just to organize and stain-treat it all.
but, in two weeks when i'm finally finished washing, drying and folding all fifteen loads; the girls and i will practically have a brand-new wardrobe! yippee!

your turn.
what's your dirty little secret on this fine friday?

p.s. when i confessed my recent laundry aversion to mr.a, he said,
"i wondered why quinn was wearing the same outfit in almost every picture you sent me!"  ha!


  1. that seems to me like it would be one of the silly little fun things of not having my husband around... slacking on the chores - because the kids aren't going to notice, right!?!? Just think, at this rate, you will only have to do laundry about 12 times while Mr. A is gone! Not bad!

  2. love this post! i always try and remind chris that it is like getting a new wardrobe when the clothes run out...he never agrees.

    hmmm....i had a huge dirty little secret for about 4-5 years which involved me running chris's car into his parents garage back wall & putting a hole in the wall. i waited until after we had a signed marriage license to let his dad know that the 'hole in the wall debacle' was me. :) they loved me too much to kick me out of the family by then!

  3. Dirty secret: I hate laundry so much that I'd rather (and used to) buy new clothes than wash the old ones. However, now that I've got a little one and money suddenly has to be spread in 50 more directions, I'm getting used to the idea of laundry. With that being said, I've still only done one load since she's come home and SOMEHOW conned other family members into doing laundry for me (that or they just have really good awesome helpful hearts).

  4. 15 loads really isn't that bad for a month's worth. I was a textile major so I have an extreme love of doing laundry, it's sort of my stress release. I'm strange, I know - LOL!

  5. Shoot! I forgot to show you our little secret last night!! I will take a pic and do a post. You should do one of those linky party things!!

  6. My dirty secret? I have dirty dishes on almost every surface in my kitchen-- the table, the counters and the stovetop. Today I washed a spatula so I could flip my eggs.


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