Friday, September 24, 2010


yesterday was my sister's birthday.
after some question regarding her husband's preparedness to celebrate (anyone have one of those husbands? i do on occasion.
let's face it--we care way more about holidays than they do);
he indeed was prepared and took her on a fun and romantic date of dinner & shopping!
the perfect date, right? she texted to tell me what a dreamboat he is. i agreed.
and then...i was sad.
and jealous.
i want my husband to take me on a date. and shopping! i miss being with him. looking at him. catching him looking at me. i miss looking into his eyes. i miss flirting with him. giving him The Look. i know i've said it before, but, i miss the romance.
only hours later, i was given everything i was needing.

well, almost everything.

i love you too, seth.


  1. *sniff sniff* He is such a keeper.

  2. Wow! This brings tears to my eyes! So precious! I still have all the notes that Derek attached with flowers from deployments past.

  3. Awww . . . how very sweet.

    Wonderful blog, by the way.

  4. OMG. I got goosebumps but in positive way. I actually came across a blog of someone who has the same name as me (almost anyway). I'm blown away by the fact that you are married to Seth, I've always liked that name. I'm happy to know that a couple from across the globe bearing the names Bethany and Seth are together :D

    I was blog hopping through kendi's remixers and enjoyed browsing through your entries. Keep blogging!


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