Sunday, September 05, 2010


redneck weekend.
on saturday, the girls and i spent the day at the guthrie county parade and fair. though it's about an hour away, we're related to about half the popluation of guthrie county, so we spend a lot of time out there. mr.a's uncle is even the county sheriff!
it was a gorgeous day--perfect for looking at farm animals and 4-H projects.

later, friends hosted a down-home shindig.
complete with canned beer, styrofoam place-settings, and a vast selection of orange, processed foods. everyone donned their red-neck best and it was quite a... sight.
our hosts

a toilet. in the yard.

the four-ish food groups...
 pvc, two bottles, and a frisby....

equals.... some crazy redneck game.
hot stuff.
yeeeah, girl.


  1. Now THAT looks like a good time! :)

    Your daughter and my daughter are twins again... she has the same owl shirt... so funny, that is two times now! Yay for cute Target clothes!

  2. have the funniest friends! what a great time!!! i love the picture of you & the toilet!!

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