Monday, September 27, 2010


quick pick.
rushing around. on the phone. home from one place, on the way to the next. kids strapped in the car. quick outfit pic? why not!
i was talking to my friend, jenn.
it takes us forever to have a conversation because we spend half the time yelling at our reminding our kids that they need to be quiet while mommy's on the phone.

and of all the places i could have stood...cardigan: forever 21, $14
t-shirt: j.crew, $12
black jeans: charlotte russe, $29
flats: gap, $35

Friday, September 24, 2010


yesterday was my sister's birthday.
after some question regarding her husband's preparedness to celebrate (anyone have one of those husbands? i do on occasion.
let's face it--we care way more about holidays than they do);
he indeed was prepared and took her on a fun and romantic date of dinner & shopping!
the perfect date, right? she texted to tell me what a dreamboat he is. i agreed.
and then...i was sad.
and jealous.
i want my husband to take me on a date. and shopping! i miss being with him. looking at him. catching him looking at me. i miss looking into his eyes. i miss flirting with him. giving him The Look. i know i've said it before, but, i miss the romance.
only hours later, i was given everything i was needing.

well, almost everything.

i love you too, seth.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


the bird.
it's amazing to see certain qualities in your children that you know have been passed down through your dna: piper's distinct hairline (from mr.a) and the odd shape of quinn's left ear (from my dad). while physical traits are somewhat expected; the evolution of their mannerisms are much more interesting to witness. piper has recently begun pointing like an arganbright.
yes, pointing.
the men on mr.a's side of the family all have a specific "point" and it is incredible to see piper pick up this habit without ever being taught.
somehow, it has just been... passed on.

Monday, September 20, 2010


two against one.

the past few days have been... interesting. i think piper and qiunn are plotting against me. payback for all those jalapenos i ate when i was pregnant. or something. i don't know.
but, on the bright side, i now know what happens when you flush an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet! thanks, kids!
anyway, it was a huge relief when a close friend offered to watch them for a few hours this afternoon. i had a few errands to run, one of which brought me to old navy.

now that i'm a mom i realize that being alone in a dressing room
(or anywhere, for that matter) is highly underrated.

button-down: heritage
boyfriend jeans: gap
bracelets: j.crew
driving mocs: steve madden

Friday, September 17, 2010


i'm pretty tired today. i let the girls wreak havoc on the house while i took a nap this afternoon. but i'm still tired. when i finally realize i'm tired, it's not just curable by a nap. at this point i need a nap, a week-long stay at a spa, and a month in therapy. but it's friday. and that should suffice for now.

i didn't even have the energy to go outside for these pictures. sorry. you get to look at my fridge and drywall touch-up spots.

top: anthropologie
jean leggings: big star
necklace: old, rampage
shoes: steve madden

yesterday i wore this...
3/4 sleeve shirt: j.crew
white tank: j.crew
pants: heritage
shoes: toms
scarf: urban outfitters
bracelet: gift


see skype run.
it was fun hangin' out with you last night, mr.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


what the hell.  do you mind if i say that? if so, i'm sorry. but it's what went through my head ten minutes after writing the post below.
seriously? every time i sit down to write something nice about my kids, they are simultaneously doing something evil.
i went in to check on them and this is what i found....

piper rubbed an entire tube of athlete's foot creme all over quinn's head.
fyi: no one in our family has athlete's foot.
the pediatrician prescribed it for quinn's diaper rash.

she does not suffer from diaper rash of the scalp.


things-i-love thursday.
1. mr.a. yeah, yeah, yeah. i know you're all sick of me gushing over him. absence makes the heart grow fonder and the gushing more frequent. so deal.
2. scary new experiences. this week i've had two friends ask me to model for something. eeek! i have no idea why they've asked me to participate. they must be desperate. one friend has a personal shopping business and needs some pictures for her website. and the other friend is planning a benefit fashion show for breast cancer and asked me to walk!the!runway! ohmaword. it freaks me out just typing it. but i'm gonna man-up for breast cancer! (but after i man-up for breast cancer, i'll probably die from panic attack.)
3. piper's new hair-cut. this was the best decision i've made since getting an iud! (was that tmi? sorry.) it's so easy to manage. piper loves it. it's totally adorable. and we haven't had a single tangle since the big cut!
4. people sharin' the love. last week i got an awesome anonymous card that really encouraged me. then i got another card with a gift certificate to my favorite lunch spot. thank-you soooo much, kasey! not to mention all your awesome comments and e-mails. it really means a lot to me. i love hearing from you guys.
5. the bachelor pad. yep, guilty pleasure. i blame any and all interest in the bachelor on my sister. ("she started it!") but, i will admit, it's fun mindless tv. that is really stupid. but i still like it.
6. nice people. today i left a baby gap shopping bag in the middle of a department store. "left" as in, left the store, drove home, didn't realize it til an hour later. i figured it was gone forever. serves me right for spending too much money at that place. but everything was so cheap! (i blame my sister, again, for making me go in there.) but! i called, and someone had turned it in. it was waiting for me in customer service. thank-you, nice people!
7. my new nephew. okay. he hasn't actually been born yet. but he's coming!!! soon! and i can't wait! this will be the first baby boy on mr.a's side of the family and i'm so excited. today i picked out a few sweet things for him at baby gap (which i proceeded to leave at von maur, see above.) and i had to hold myself back. it's so fun to finally get to shop in the boy department! (and if i ever get aforementioned iud taken out, it will hopefully result in my own little boy.)
8. kings of leon. i have listened to their latest album non-stop since mr.a gave it to me for christmas. i can't get enough of it. even piper sings along. (though whatever she's singing consists of made-up words and, well, that's about it.) they have a new album coming out october 19th! can't wait!
9. my clean house. yep. i'm actually typing away in a clean house! this is monumental for me. we often have a room or two that are clean at a given time, but the whole house??? never. or, at least it's very rare. i know we are only one disastrous afternoon away from destruction. but for now, it's clean! and it's glorious. (disclaimer: my definition of clean may be very different from yours. don't judge.)
10. my little big girls. the girls are growing up. they play together. they giggle and "talk". piper is mellowing and coming into her own. less feisty and wild, more fun and spunky. it's really nice. and quinn! quinn is on the verge of walking and talking and all things fun and scary. she is still the snuggliest little bug. and i love that. she's always ready for a hug. and so am i.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


last weekend (okay, maybe it was the weekend before) piper got part of a toasted marshmallow in her hair. i didn't realize it until the next morning and, by that time, it was totally matted with hair and completely daunting.
soooo.... i left it.
i pretended it wasn't there. hid it in ponytails. hoped it would...disolve?
but tomorrow the girls have doctor's appointments, so i figured they each needed their monthly bath. i tried my darndest (tried my darndest?!) to get the tangles out of piper's hair, but it was a futile effort. (apparently my darndest wadn't darned enough.) i loaded it up with conditioner and detangler and then baby oil. the baby oil was a last-ditch effort. i'm not exactly sure what i thought it would do...
anyway, i decided it was time for a haircut. it was our only option. luckily, piper was a champ and it only took two dum-dums to bribe her into sitting perfectly still. we started with another hair-washing.
quinn was in on all the action.

my stomach was in knots as she made the first cut!
quinn kept herself entertained...
a little blow-dry...
then we tried on tu-tu's.


today's weather was schizophrenic.
gray and gloomy, bright and sunny, rainy and cool, warm and breezy...all in one day. it was weird. but i guess that's one reason i love fall; on a given day you could wear virtually anything from your wardrobe. except maybe your hot-pants and platform flip-flops. maybe shouldn't own those anyway.
but flannel? yes.
(i've already put flannel sheets on our bed!)
and cargos? definitely.
(i have a bit of a cargo-habit.)
have you busted out your fall-ish clothes yet?

 plaid flannel: heritage, $14
 aqua t-shirt: j.crew, $8
grey cargos: heritage, $24
moccasins: super-old minnetonkas, $20

Monday, September 13, 2010


this bandwagon's been jumped.

we all know about TOMS, right? well, i'm their latest convert. just got mine in the mail today and i'm totally in lurve with them.
i'd love for the girls to have a pair. tiny toms? yes please!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


bipartisan iowan.
today is a big day in iowa. ancient rivals are facing off in a foosball match. since i'm not a born 'n raised iowan, i have no alliance to either team. but, today i decided to dress for the underdog. who, at this moment, is down 28 points.
(okay, maybe i just look better in red than yellow.)
you really need to get it together, cyclones.
but really, whatever happens--i don't care.

it's just a great game to watch each year.

shirt: gap
scarf: target
pants: sanctuary
flip flops: j.crew

Friday, September 10, 2010


it's late. or early. depending on how you look at it. piper and i were asleep by 8:30 tonight. but then i woke up at 12:30 and remembered a bill i forgot to pay. so i paid it. and now it's more morning than night. here are some things i think about at this time of day. or night.

i want a dog. i think.
mr.a and i have talked on & off for years about getting a dog. (i still remember the first time we talked about getting a dog. we lived in colorado and it made me feel all romantical that he wanted to get a dog with me. we got a baby instead.) we have the perfect yard for a dog and piper & quinn both love dogs. a couple days ago my brother and sis-in-law adopted a dog and it sent me on a search for my own sweet pup. (i call all dogs pup. i don't really want a puppy. i mean, i love puppies. but, after potty-training piper, there's no way in H i'm gonna do anymore potty-training than i have to.) 
these are the two pups i'm crushing on:
this is radar. he's an australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix. i love heelers. mr.a's brother has a blue heeler and he's the best dog ever. look at those ears!

and this is hobbs. he's a beagle/italian greyhound mix. i've never even heard of such a combo. but he is so cute and small, but not too small!

what do you guys think? am i crazy? i am. i know.

oprah told me to watch precious. she said it was really important. i felt guilty for waiting so long to see it. oprah said i needed to see it. but i could only handle about 6 minutes of the f-word. it made my stomach hurt. so i shut it off.

have i told you about zumba? oh my.
it's a dance work-out class that i go to on fridays. let me preface this by saying, about a year ago, i had never even been to a single workout class in my life. and i never would have attempted a dance class. never. but, i'm trying to be brave and try new things. new things like...zumba!
you would die if you saw me. by die i mean point and laugh. but it's really fun and no one cares that i suck. (and lucky for me, the only person in my class that's really good is the teacher.) it's a mix of all different types of dance and it's been a really fun way to get a good work-out. i secretly love to dance and secretly think i'm awesome when i'm at home with piper, quinn and lady gaga. at zumba class, with its wall of mirrors, i can see what a dork i really am. but i still love it.

thanks for all your great input on the cleaning issue. it was nice to know that most of yousuck at cleaning, too! and a lot of you pay for help with it. when i think about the money i spend on clothes or cable or other frivolous things--i could totally cut back and use that money for something that would really make my life so much easier.
i think i'm gonna do it!


okay, hope you enjoyed this midnight edition of dtwsld. now i need to rest up for zumbaaa!

Thursday, September 09, 2010



umm, this was actually the video i meant to post. much funnier.


hey ricky, you're so fine...
"does elmo want a celebrity cup of warm milk?"


Wednesday, September 08, 2010


that's not my dog.

i'll try not to give the outward appearance too much credit, but taking the time to blow-dry my hair and putting on something cute made me feel really great today. i know what a challenge it is for moms to spend even a little extra time on themselves in the morning...but i think when you feel good about yourself, it can affect your whole outlook.
i not only took a little time for myself this morning, thanks to a wonderful and generous friend, i also walked around valley junction this afternoon all. by. my. self! it was glorious. i rarely get to go to valley junction period, and to go sans children was wonderful.
i got this cute bracelet at sisters for $6. totally reminded me of these bracelets.
i felt so much more like myself today.
it was a really good day.

cardigan: j.crew, $25
top: forever 21, $14
black jeans: charlotte russe, $25
sandals: n.y.l.a. from tj maxx, $20
necklace: gift
bracelet: sisters, $6


i've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. i don't deal well with overwhelmed. i tend to shut-down. avoid. distract. eat. drink. shop.
anything but deal.

right now it's the state of my house that i'm overwhelmed by. i've always hated cleaning, but it's really depressing doing something you hate, only to have it completely undone by two little monsters darlings. it's like the hades of suburban mythology. i've been banished to a hell where i toil away at something i despise, and each day the toiling begins again.
every couple of months i consider burning the house down and starting over. since i'm not clever enough to get away with arson,  a cleaning lady is probably a better option. but i feel guilty paying someone to do something i am capable of doing myself. what do you guys think? should i cancel my cable & get a cleaning lady instead???

i need hestia to save me from this misery.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


redneck weekend.
on saturday, the girls and i spent the day at the guthrie county parade and fair. though it's about an hour away, we're related to about half the popluation of guthrie county, so we spend a lot of time out there. mr.a's uncle is even the county sheriff!
it was a gorgeous day--perfect for looking at farm animals and 4-H projects.

later, friends hosted a down-home shindig.
complete with canned beer, styrofoam place-settings, and a vast selection of orange, processed foods. everyone donned their red-neck best and it was quite a... sight.
our hosts

a toilet. in the yard.

the four-ish food groups...
 pvc, two bottles, and a frisby....

equals.... some crazy redneck game.
hot stuff.
yeeeah, girl.