Monday, August 02, 2010


mr.a left yesterday.
not sure i'm ready to tackle that post, yet.
so let's talk clothes!
for his last night in town, we decided to attend the wedding of my brother-in-law's brother. (following?) my sister's in-laws are like family to us. well...they are family. but you know what i mean. we've spent countless birthdays and holidays together since my sister became a colyer. (8 years ago tomorrow! happy anniversary, you love-birds! i love you!)
anyway, back to the wedding.
we knew it would be a beautiful event and it seemed like a romantic way to spend our last evening together.
i insisted mr.a wear his dress uniform ("class a's" in army-speak) and i thought he looked soooo handsome. i was so proud to be on his arm.  
i ended up borrowing a dress from my little sister for the wedding. (she wore it here.)
headband: borrowed
necklace: vintage, from my grandear
dress: j.crew, borrowed
shoes: target, $14
aren't my sisters gorgeous?
oh wait, the one on the left is my mom.

the wedding was held at the art center's rose gardens.
a gorgeous location with incredible outdoor sculptures...
and the reception was held at the temple for performing arts.
it is such a fantastic building.
i know this is a terrible picture (below) but, can you see the brides gorgeous hairband? she looked beautiful.
it was a really fun night.
fantastic food, beautiful decor, an open bar, and gourmet cupcakes! yum!
congratulations, adam and kayla!


  1. You look absolutely amazing... what a vision the two of you on the night before your husband leaves. I'm thinking of you always... hugs!

  2. a-freaking-dorable. You look faaaantastic! praying and thinking of you in this difficult time!

  3. Cute Cute Cute! Yesterday I rec'd a message from Seth...excited me so!! He just commented on this HORRIBLE heat we are having here in MS! Beautiful family you have!

  4. hey cute girl! thanks for the comment! holy crap on the 51 week thing. god bless you and your family. that is such a huge sacrifice. xx


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