Monday, August 23, 2010


remember when i was a blogger?
yeahmetoo. that was fun, huh? the past couple weeks have been kind-of... hard. this whole deployment business took a minute to settle in, and when it settled in, it settled big time. like, eating my granola bars and using my toothbrush. it's here to stay.

did i mention i had a head injury today? no? well, that's how my life has been lately. forget the cherry--let's top this sundae off with a laceration. yes! that's what the nurse called it, "oh! you must be my laceration!" she said when i walked in the door. maybe the hair matted with blood clued her in. i don't know. all i know is i was getting ready to take a shower, bent down to get something and stood up quickly, cracking my head open on an open drawer, bled all over the place and ended up with three staples.
wanna see?

if you don't, just keep scrolling. it's not pretty. but it is blurry.
it's hard to take a decent picture of your own head injury.

crazy, huh?

i was going to tell you about how awesome my new stick vac is (best investment i've made in a loooong time!) and that i liked the movie "remember me" and how piper starts preschool tomorrow (!) and lots of other importants... but the drugs are starting to kick in and now i'm seeing double blogger screens and i seem to have forgeotten how to tupe. that's, ty'pel. type. sheesh.
nap time.


  1. EEESH! That sucks!! I can't wait to hear all about Piper and preschool!! So much fun!! Where is she going?

    I am pretty sure I wrote the same response to Hav's post about Bennett and preschool...except for the "that sucks" part. That was special for you.

  2. you poor thing! take care... no more accidents! Piper starts school tomorrow??? that is fun!

  3. Oh man Bethany!! Hang in there. Tell Piper to have fun at her first day of preschool. More tears for you I'm afraid.........

  4. Awww poor Bethany! That sounds like a crappy day. Hope it gets better!

    p.s. I know we've talked about this, but I LOVE REMEMBER ME! ...&R-Pats...

  5. Yikes! Sorry about your head! Hope Piper has a great day today. She can scout it out for Liam next year!


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