Tuesday, August 31, 2010


requiem for a dream.

last year i started taking a prescription to help with mild depression that i've had for years. i was really hesitant to use medication, but it has been a really good decision for me. the only side affect i've had (besides my extra padding) is extremely vivid dreams. the strange thing about my dreams is that, they actually aren't all that strange. they're very realistic. places will look the same, people will act the same, and scenarios in my dreams are straight from my daily life. they are so vivid and life-like that, when i remember them throughout the day, i often think they are memories. i will think that i've had a conversation with someone and later realize it was just a dream.
(i'm sounding crazy right now, aren't i?)

the other night i dreamt that i pulled into our driveway (in my normal car, in our normal driveway), the setting sun cast a gold glow on everything. some friends were working on the outside of our house and when i pulled up, mr.a's best friend, matt, jumped down from a ladder and walked over to the car. "hey," he said. "i found a bunch of old pictures of us all from high school. i thought you might want to look through them." it was really thoughtful.
then, our friend's mom walked up to me with a manilla envelope. "i was going through pictures and found a bunch of seth when he was a boy. i thought you might want them." really sweet of her. then, our high school youth group leader came up to me and said, "i found some pictures of you & seth from different events that i thought you might like to have."
i woke up feeling really...good.
the next day i went to check the mail (this is real-life now, no dreaming).
i found a large manilla envelope adressed to mr.a and family.
in it was a wonderful note from mr.a's kindergarten teacher who saw our family in the paper and recognized him immediately. she thought i may want to have a copy of his school picture from  kindergarten.
it was such a strange and wonderful surprise.


  1. oh my goodness, what a crazy coincidence! although there are people that believe that dreams have a lot of meaning. so you never know! I had dreams like that when I was pregnant. I don't dream too much anymore (or remember those dreams...).

    How's your head btw?

  2. Whoa...........I love stories like this! Hey what in the hell was Cheryl thinking letting Seth apparently choose his own glass frames! Love it! That is just so weird tho - but a good weird.

  3. cindy: haha, aren't those frames awesome?!
    jill: i get my staples out today!

  4. OH MY! LOVE these stories! I have chill-bumps right NOW!

    The *real* photo may have been a gift from his Kindy teacher, but I'd say the meds and the dream were a gift from GOD! :~)


  5. i like seth's taste in jewelry.

  6. Might need to beef up your projections...

  7. God works in mysterious ways miss b! :)

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