Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i think i've mentioned my love for our city before.
but, may i reiterate for a moment?
i love our city!
yesterday my sister and i took our four kids downtown for the afternoon. generally, four kids in the city would not be relaxing. but we went to the lawn of the downtown library where there is a beautiful water-path. it's perfect for kids of all ages.  
there is a lush lawn, benches, great views of downtown, and a starbucks in sight. it's never more than a few inches deep so even babies can sit and splash.
the kids were happy, the moms were happy; it was a great day.

in other news...


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Look at her standing up!!!! And she looks thrilled to be a biped!

  2. aw, these pics make me miss ol' des moines! bethany, your kids are so incredibly adorable. good work on that one

  3. great pictures!

    You've got a mover on your hands! Watch out world! :)

  4. I love that drinking foundation shot! So cool!!

  5. i mean fountain....haha

  6. YAY Baby Quinn!!!! So adorable! Looks like you six had a great time outside!!! Keep up all the great mother-ing!!! Love your updates B. A!!!!

  7. that's a great one of piper with the whatever building in the background (just woke up...can't think of the name).
    and the series of quinn standing is awesome :)

    And Manda...you are so hilariously weird. A biped?? you crack me up.


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