Tuesday, August 10, 2010


(s)care package.
tomorrow we are shipping off some goodies to mr.a. we've included a special homemade calendar, a family photobook, some reese's dark chocolate peanut-butter cups (his fave), special binoculars made by piper, the yearly "comedy" issue of GQ, an i-tunes gift card, a nice cigar and...
some secret weapons to aid our soldiers:

piper is really into monsters these days. the boys above are all from her little imagination. she described them, i drew them, she named them, i described their powers, and she colored them. it was quite the collaborative effort to bring them to "life" in order to aid mr.a and his fellow soldiers. i'm hoping if we send these monsters to afghanistan, they'll stay out of our closets!


  1. What a great care package! He will love it!
    I think your future will include publishing a coloring book of these little monsters for other military kids. :)

  2. i just love it! you have quite the artistic ability...i love piper's imagination!!

  3. Oh my gosh, he is going to LOVE that! What a cool way to keep connected with him and make him feel like he is at home with you!

  4. LOVE this. Methinks you've got a little future writer on your hands. She's got quite the imagination, love it!!

  5. this is just adorable, your husband is one lucky soldier with those monsters on his side! :)

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